The present political class is destroying the future of the youths .

The youths should shine their eyes . Their future is at stake!

The political class is using the ignorance of the youths to further enrich themselves .

Nigeria with over 200 million people operates the worst kind of federal – unitary system of Government,with FGN presiding over the sharing of our major sources of revenue. We are presently in state of quagmire with N12 trillion budget deficit. The implication is that we have nothing to share!

What is the problem with Nigeria and what do the Igbo people want ?

The problem with Nigeria is military imposed Constitution!

Igbo people simply want a system of Government that will guarantee equity , fairness and justice. For you to be somebody in Nigeria , you must serve corruption and the masters.

Therefore ,the youths should stop worshipping the agents of the corrupted system and demand for their rights .

I have not seen senators ,assembly members discussing our fundamental issues – which is the fraudulent constitution of Nigeria . I have not seen these people discussing their efforts in amending constitution. I have never seen their holding constituency meeting to enlighten the electorates about their activities in National Assembly!

All I hear from them is empowerment! Which empowerment! Out of thousands of youths in a constituency ,how many will be empowered,what happens to the rest ! Okay ,let only those empowered go and vote for them . But a single law will make millions productively engaged ! I have heard some Senators boasting of constructing roads and I asked; what is the role of the executive branch of Government and what is the primary function of a legislative officer- to make quality law for the generality of the people.

Enough of the youths ignorance! Peter Obi has made this political season interesting by discussing issues and how to address them . The quality of presidential debate is quite encouraging ,however ,it is expected that those trying to be our Representatives should be saddled with public interest project and not how to share cakes and peanuts . Nigeria consumption system is about to collapse while our senators still talk about empowerment and sharing of federal appointments as achievement. May God save us from slave mentality .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry


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