2023 election is around the corner, many politician from North-South and North-  Easare coming out to deceive Nigerians again. Yes, voting is our civic responsibility, but majority of the crop of politicians we have in Nigeria today are those whose intentions are to keep Nigeria in perpetual bondage.

The two major political parties in Nigeria have proven to us that they are just identical twins without any ideology. Nigerians are aware of this fact, but the poor masses who suffers the most from their bad leadership have chosen to be blinded by religion and ethnicity. The masses have supported injustice in the country in the name of protecting their own. Now, there is no peace anywhere in Nigeria, how can peace raise it’s flag in the land of injustice?

The next election is fast approaching and instead of using this opportunity to correct the past mistakes by addressing the injustices, inequality and unfairness in Nigeria. The politicians are busy exhibiting their selfishness in the twin parties of personal interest (PDP & APC).

I want to state that I totally agree that power is not given but taken. Yes, but where there is no level playing ground for all, it becomes so difficult to achieve. In PDP, for the purpose of equity, justice and fairness rotation or zoning was introduced in their constitution. For the same reason, federal character exist in Nigerian constitution. Obasanjo was given power in PDP, he did not take it because he couldn’t win in his ward. Yar’Adua, Jonathan was also given power in PDP, they could not have taken it had it been in real contest. Atiku was given PDP ticket in 2019 after the Southern candidate was barred from contesting in the name of zoning. So, power has never been taken by anyone or group in PDP, just to give everyone sense of belonging and to maintain justice, fairness and equity to all regions and members.

Now, it’s obvious that after 8 years of President Buhari that power should return to South. It is also obvious that if PDP should abide by their constitution of zoning and prevent northerners from contesting that definitely a candidate from southeast will surely emerge. The world can clearly see that there’s an evil plan against the southeast in Nigeria.
Now please, someone should go and tell Peter Obi and co to do their best and make sure they secure that PDP presidential ticket. If they fail to do so, they should not come back to preach to us to support PDP again. PDP will be seen as anti Igbo party if they fail to give Peter Obi ticket, I mentioned Obi not because he is the best we have but because it is obvious that he is now very popular with Nigerians, especially the youths.

Tell Peter Obi to secure PDP ticket or be ready to return to APGA. Ndigbo must persuade Peter Obi to take APGA ticket to contest in 2023 election if they reject him in PDP. Ekwueme failed to take that bold decision and that helped in demoralizing Ndigbo when it comes to participation in politics. It’s high time we took our destiny in our hands. Peter Obi and co should all embrace APGA as our party for freedom in Nigeria if they really cares for Ndigbo. Chukwuemeka Ojukwu said “NKE A BU NKE ANYI”, but unfortunately many of us did not understand. He raised Peter Obi’s hand and call it his last wish but we also failed to understand. If they reject us, it is not good we also reject ourselves.

The desire of Ndigbo is to achieve their freedom either in or outside Nigeria. Ndigbo wants to move forward and don’t want to be dragged back by others in Nigeria, so we simply ask for Nigeria to return to regional government. Peter Obi will emerge the new face of our struggle for regional government in Nigeria, if he returns to APGA. Charlie Nwangbafor victory in the last Anambra election has positioned APGA as the ideological political party of freedom and good governance in Alaigbo. If many of our good politicians with our people’s interest should embrace APGA, I can assure you that after 2023 election, other Nigerians will begin to take us serious. Peter Obi should join APGA if he fails in PDP, let’s organize our people under one political ideology. With Peter Obi as the presidential flag bearer of APGA, I can assure Ndigbo that APGA will win 75% of every election in Alaigbo come 2023.


We are getting ready, our people are collecting their PVCs, Good Governance Ministry (GGM) ambassadors and mobilizers are still and always on the streets of Alaigbo, preaching, sensitizing, education and mobilizing our people. It is no longer going to be business as usual. We are prepared to change the narrative. God is with us!

Chukwuemeka Chibuzor


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