1. Govt projected to spend N143.7 billion in 2021 as against N114.9billion in 2020

2. 2021 budget is budget of economic recovery and consolidation.

3. How the budget will be funded
1.Crude oil price benchmark of $35 per barrel.
2. VAT = N20.8 billion
3. Capital receipts= N N20.9 Billion
4. IGR= N36.6Billion

My position:

The two most important documents in a country are the Constitution (Lawyers) and Budget(economists). These two documents should not be toiled with. Unfortunately ,Nigeria has no regard for these all important papers .This is the foundation of our collective suffering.

Anambra Govt proposed a budget of N143billion next year!

Can this budget proposal address the following questions;

1.What is the population size of Anambra State?
2. What is the ratio of employment to unemployment or underemployment.
3. What is the population size that are in nursery and primary schools both private and public?
4. What is the population size that are in Secondary Schools both private and public?
5. What is the population size that are in tertiary institutions?
6. What is the size of civil and public servants?
7. What is the birth – death ratio in the state? What is average life span?
8. Do we have 50 years master plan to develop Anambra State?
9. Can we access these data via Anambra State Govt website ?

These questions are not exhaustive . We need to know the basis of our planning and application of fund to maximize social welfare.

If the above questions are not answered ,then we are just playing .The Governor is just entertaining us.How do you measure budget performance? This year is about to end,how do you determine the effect of budget of N114Billion(though proposed expenditure) on the people?

The starting point is to get the parameters right. As a Governor,I will target an ambitious expenditure of N500billion !

I will explain in the next edition..



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