Africans Need To Think Outside The Box

The obvious reason Africa is still underdeveloped is because of our education system. We waste our productive years teaching our children how to be good slaves. My son spent 3 years in Nursery school learning ABCD. He is about going through primary school learning how to read and write in line with academic curriculum designed by our Colonial Masters- consumption driven system.

My Son will spend another 6 years in secondary school learning subjects without any applications. Then minimum of 4 years in the university studying to obtain certificate! How many years? 20 years in school yet we have not been able to solve our electricity problem! A reasonable system will open up the electricity industry and encourage our children to go into the industry from nursery school level with special focus to solving electricity problem. But ,our political elites are only interested in election business!

GGM is training the minds of the masses to redirect our thinking pattern approximately.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is Deputy Leader of GGM


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