Not only does sit-at-home kills businesses in the South East, but it also diminishes the impulse for foreign and diaspora investments into the South East.

After the Jews “reclaimed” the land of Israel from the Palestinians in 1948, they needed investments, especially from their fellow Jews living abroad, to help build up the country. Due to a sense of patriotism and loyalty to their kindred, the Jews living in Europe and North America began remitting huge amounts of money to help elevate their new land. Notwithstanding, even United States and the British politically and financially supported the development of New Israel.

But dishearteningly, the Israeli’s celebration and development was cut short by the violence and threats of their neighbours. The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran were not particularly pleased with the ousting of Palestine by the Israelis. Though, it’s still a contentious who truly owns the land of Israel, Israel had suffered setbacks from foreign investments due to fear and tension created by its neighbours.

Foreign investors and various multinationals were always sceptical about investing in Israel, even if Israel had the manpower or resources, due to palpable fear of their neighbours. Israel had to prove to investors that its military was up to the task to quell any foreign aggression, and for several years they have successfully proven to the world, that they can defend their land, without even suffering a scratch.

What IPOB and these unknown gunmen have done in the South East is quite similar. Only that it is within the confines of the same sub-national territory. It’s not that a neighbour is attacking another neighbour, it is a brother attacking his brother. This has done serious damage to our international repute to handle investments – because direct foreign investments don’t like a society that’s heightened by fear and tension.

It’ll be better for the leaders in South East to speak up against this anomaly, galvanising the same youths to eradicate such menace.

If you destroy your economy, you’ve destroyed Biafra. Learn from history.

Olisa Isama.
GGM Ambassador
Political scientist.


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