Saturday, 25th September, 2021 at Ekwueme Square, Awka, Cee Cee Soludo will let the cat out of the bag. He will unveil his grand vision for a post-oil and post-Covid 19 Anambra State. He will seek to take Ndi Anambra on a journey they have not gone before. Of course, he will share his big dreams for the State with the people whom he seeks to serve.

Dreaming big and bringing such dreams to fruition have been indelible footprints of his remarkable public service career. As the Economic Adviser to former President Obasanjo, he dreamt big for Nigeria by anchoring the NEEDS document which helped the country secure unprecedented debt relief and created massive employment. He fixed the Federal Bureau of Statistics and made it a more efficient organisation in discharging its mandate.

Furthermore, Soludo’s reform of the banking system as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria made the former rickety banks stronger, bigger and reliable enough to play more active role in economic development and participate actively in the global finance market. He revived the MINTS, such that the production or Minting of our national currencies and security documents are done locally. The African Finance Corporation (AFC) which is funding infrastructural development across Africa is a spin-off of his prodigious thinking and exceptional executions.

Truth is that big dreams imbue us with hope for the future and bring us the power to engage and manage present undertakings and challenges. This is one thing that Soludo will bring to the table as governor more than the others competing for the same office with him. His antecedents speak eloquently for him in the above respect.

His people-focused big dreams will take Ndi Anambra to an exciting and beneficial journey that they have not made before in many positive ways. Sure, they are tailor-made for Anambra State as they seek to make it a livable and prosperous One State Megacity that will be attractive to indigenes and foreigners alike.

One thing is certain, that Soludo Solution will bring happiness to the critical mass.

Now, we can’t wait for November 6, 2021 to do the needful.

Be of good cheer!

Joe C. Anatune
Writes from Awa.


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