Ahead of Nov 6 Anambra Gubernatorial Election, an ideologically driven political movement -Good Governance Ministry (GGM) working with a revolutionary online media – BVI Channel 1 has launched an online voting to determine the most popular Gubernatorial Candidate across the top 5 selected Candidates in the State.

The general public are by this announcement encouraged to visit https://bvichannel1.com/poll/anambra-next-governor-poll/ to start online voting for who they think will win Nov 6 Gubernatorial election . The online voting ends 31st October,2021.

Good Governance Ministry(GGM) through her weekly political radio program at Odenigbo FM 99.1 every Monday (11-12noon) has for more than one year ,mobilized more than 500,000 eligible voters in the state. GGM will use the weekly radio program to popularize the online voting and begin the process of returning political power to the rightful owners – the People. . GGM has previously through her Leader- Asuzu Chinedu Peters told news men that this coming election in Anambra State will change the face of politics in the entire Igbo Nation as Ndigbo will elect their Governor. Comrade Asuzu warned that it would no longer be business as usual ,advising anybody planning to be a public servant to have a rethink as GGM shall demand for public accountability going forward and whoever wants to be the Governor should know that he is the servant of the people and must be humble to serve the people. GGM has introduced to the public a social contract with the incoming Anambra State Governor.The contract deals on Public and private ethics of a public servant.One of such ethics is that display of wealth must be discouraged through public policies .Governor must declare his asset and mandate all his political appointees to do the same in the overall interest of the public .

Good Governance Ministry and BVI Channel 1 shall ensure that only the best Gubernatorial Candidate wins Nov 6 election.The Movement shall deplore all her resources and goodwill to ensure that people of Anambra state and Igbo Nation are not shortchanged in the coming election .The will of the people must prevail in line with Democratic principles.


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