Whether Soludo wears his signature white senator or a fitting t-shirt on a black jeans or the up-and-down APGA apparel carrying the pictures of the Great Ikemba and the Willingly Working Willie as he goes to pick the form in ÀPGA’s Abuja headquarters for the Governorship election coming up in Anambra, is open to conjectures depending on the angle from which you see The Big Elephant.

What however, you can’t miss is that a big fish, in fact, the biggest fish in the race, would make a grand entry in the arena. As a beer advertisement intoned: “real man was here.” There are bound to be cheering crowds for a man that has the followership of 30 support groups, but beyond the activities of the cheerleaders, Anambra, by this event, is embarking on a fruitful journey they have never been on before. It promises to be one of its finest moments. Yes, finally, our finest moment beckons.

If you are struggling with little success, now listen to this real good. Soludo is committed to help millions escape the vice grip of poverty for the remaining days of life. This is his natural turf, so get ready to go. This Charlie Nwa Mgbafor has worn your shoes and knows where it pinches.

Two, he will ensure that children of Anambra will not have need to flock to Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, as he will create far better versions of these attractive cities.

He has had it all worked out beautifully. Anambra, already a metropolis of sorts, will be developed into a one city state holistically. A beautiful, livable Megacity that will be the most secured, most prosperous and the happiest in Africa.

Of course, naturally and as a corollary from the foregoing, the world will hear, know and come to live, invest, work and enjoy. Ndi Anambra will also proudly go to the world with global brands made in Anambra and enjoyed across the globe. If they step on your feet unjustly anywhere in the world, you will not hesitate to come back to the Anambra Promised land and your life trajectory continues smoothly.

And the big and developing story is that APGA will be a strong and veritable vehicle for negotiating Igbo positions in a plural country like ours.

Today is the beginning of this fruitful journey. This is a journey everyone is invited to, but we must scale the ides of June 23 and November 6, 2021. By His Grace, we will on the morning of November 7, collectively proclaim: VICTORY IS SWEET, LETS CELEBRATE. Boy, ain’t this sweet music to the ears!?

Joe C. Anatune
*Anatune writes from Awa*


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