1. Anambra has the highest number of senior advocates by states in Nigeria

2. Out of a total of five cardinals from Nigeria, Anambra has produced two and remains the only state with such number of cardinals in the country

3. Onitsha in Anambra has the highest number of storey buildings in Nigeria.

4. With two female serving senators at the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Anambra has the highest number of serving female senators in Nigeria

5. Anambra is among the few states in Nigeria with multiple cities

6. With about 68 active markets, Anambra has the highest number of markets in Nigeria

7. Regina Pacis girls secondary school in Onitsha is the first to win Technovation Competition in Silicon Valley from Nigeria

8. Anambra is the first to have a Female Governor in Nigeria

9. The renowned Dennis Memorial Grammar school Onitsha is the first grammar school in Igbo land

10. Dr Walter Eze is the first Nigerian Military doctor

11. Anambra has produced three senate presidents in the country namely; Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nwafor Orizu and Chuba Okadigbo

12. Igwe Kenneth Orizu of Nnewi is the longest serving Monarch in Nigeria

13. Anambra has produced 2 Former speaker of the house of representatives in Nigeria namely RT Hon Edwin Umezuoke and RT Hon Agunwa Aniekwe

14. Dr onyechi Ikpeazu from Anambra is the first lawyer in the country who succeeded in sacking a sitting governor

15. Joy Emordi is the first female senator in the South East

16. Senator Chuba Okadigbo and wife, Margery are the only couple in Igbo land who have served the country as senators

17. With over one billion barrels of crude oil and 30 trillion cubic feet of gas, Anambra is rated the 10th largest oil producing state in Nigeria

18. Father Iwene Tansi is the only Nigerian to be canonized

19. Anambra has more millionaires per capita than any place habited by the black man in the world

20. The longest Bridge in Anambra State is the Omambala bridge

21. The late Professor Dora Akunyili from Agulu in Anambra remains the most awarded Nigerian

22. Chimamanda Adiche is the most celebrated woman in Nigeria presently

23. Anambra has the highest number of bank branches in the Southeast and also Cash deposit

24. Anambra is the only state that has the highest number of private airline operators and private jet owners

25. Anambra is the first State in Nigeria if not in Africa where automobiles are locally produced by an indigenous entrepreneur

26. Anam in Anambra West has the highest number of old people in the state

27. With 33 villages, Awka town has the highest number of villages in the State

28. Anambra international cargo and passenger airport, Umueri, is a category 4F airport which means that any airplane can land on it. It has the second longest runway in Nigeria and the tallest control tower

29. Onitsha main market has more than five thousand millionaires with Emeka Offor phone plaza alone boasting of about one thousand of them

30. Christ the King College in Onitsha has produced three state Governors

31. Hon. Justice Ijem Onwuamaegbu is the first female Chief Judge in Anambra

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