Nigeria is in total mayhem; strange things happen every day in this country. Recently, animals are being accused of crimes only humans can commit. funny enough people found in the bizarre stories told them with all temerity, including the president of the country. Funny country, right?

That’s what we see in a country where nothing works from federal level, state level to the local government level. Corrupt practices are now the order of the day and unfortunately animals are being accused, they are now the culprits.

Its painful that the so-called giant of Africa is now a laughing stock worldwide, other countries we were better than makes mockery of us because of the hopeless people that are giving leadership positions.

The hopelessness of our country started when youths don’t know their position in the society, they worship people that they voted to serve them, and these so-called leaders gets drunk in power thereby syphoning money that is meant for the country’s growth.

The truth is nothing good will ever come out of this country unless the youths know their stand in the country, we need to wake up and rescue these innocent animals that are suffering defamation of character. From the rats accused of chasing the president from his office to the innocent snake that swallowed 36 million naira in Joint Matriculation Examination Board(JAMB) office.

We are not fools, stop forging funny stories to steal public funds and hide your incompetence. As the saying goes “If u can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”, so if can’t serve leave the office for capable hands.



Written by Queen Madu



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