We note with satisfaction your recent public announcement in your
dual capacity as the Chairman of South East Governors Forum and
Governor of Ebonyi State, to the effect that open grazing has been
banned in the South East Zone.

Great!Our people are pleased.

But,truth betold, it takes much more than mere public announcement.
There should be a legislative enactment to provide legal backing and
teeth.It should not end in mere public announcement .Otherwise it
would. be usual political talk.
Our people will be eager to see you and your colleagues walk the talk.
To this end,in less than 12 hours hence,your office shall receive again,
from the Alaigbo Development Foundation, ADF ,physical and soft copy of a draft Anti-open grazing Bill for. consideration and enactment into Law by each House of Assembly in the SE Zone.
Of a truth,much earlier before now,the Alaigbo Development
Foundation,ADF,and several other pan-Igbo organizations have been
pushing tirelessly for the proposed bill to be passed into law.

Drafted by the ADF Legal & Legislative Bureau, copy of the Bill had
been previously sent to the offices of the Governors and Speakers of the 7 Igbo-speaking States ,first in 2016 and more recently in January,
Indeed,it will be to the rejoicing of our ancestors and jubilation of our
people if this bill is urgently passed into law without further delay ,and
effectively implemented.
We have no doubt that the passage of the law by the various States will definitely be supportive of our customary law which forbids open
grazing and hence reinforce our people’s resolve to defend their crops
and their ancestral lands.”


Thank you


Barr.Nduka Ozoaka,
Co-ordinator ,ADF Legal& Legislative Bureau.

Deputy National Secretary, ADF.


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