Most times we keep pointing accusing fingers to our political leaders as our problems, yet the main problem is from us who always fail to do the right thing but always searching for who to blame for our predicaments.

Those elected are not angels or saints to just do the right thing except the people always hold them accountable. We (The People) have been asleep politically and that’s the reason for Mass rigging, vote buying and selling.

We should stop blaming others for our underdevelopment, marginalization and bad governance in Alaigbo because we all contributed to it voluntarily or involuntarily. Anambra election is fast approaching and you can still see our people running around looking for who will give them money. Many are not even interested to know who the candidates are and how the best candidate will emerge. Then after the election you will start hearing complains everywhere.

My people, this is the time to fix our politics. We must scrutinize the candidates now and work hard by ensuring that whoever is the winner is the people’s choice.

PRM is call on everyone of us to join this movement to achieve this goal. We are confident that when the people are committed to this cause, victory must be achieved. Good governance is guaranteed when the people’s candidate emerge. There are so many issues in Alaigbo, and PRM believe strongly that the best approach to mitigate them is through political process. Politics in Alaigbo is messed up and that’s what we must fix first.

Power belongs to the people, but in Alaigbo our people don’t care, they surrender theirs to whoever is elected and worship them as gods. PRM is saying enough is enough! We must continue to work hard to return power to the people and if that is not achieved then the status quo will remain. Alaigbo wake up! Ndi Anambra wake up!
Chukwuemeka Chibuzor (PRM coordinator Anambra)


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