If only Biafra people understand that protesting on the street, sitting at home and boycotting election is like given anti Biafra politicians from south east an open cheque  to continue making their lives miserable, they will have a rethink.

Imagine, a hardcore Biafran being a Governor, Senator and Representatives in the houses of assembly, there will a radical chain reactions that will erupt in the Biafra agitation for freedom.

Watch this video and listen to my position on why I said this.

From- Asuzu Chinedu Peters.


  1. This speaker is neither here nor there, he talks politics a little, Biafra sovereignty little, one Nigeria a little.
    He is uncoordinated in his speeches, he is an agent of Buhari, no atom of Biafra freedom in him.

  2. It will be nice but it will be had for them to allow you to come In as governor not to talk of senate Because they don’t practice true federalism


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