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One Nigeria Unitary Federalism Is A Big SCAM.

#NaWeBeGovernment #BVI Channel1 This can only happen where the people are docile. This is a direct assault and breakdown of law and other. But you know what, your government will always support them. Unless you say Enough Is...

Politics Of Biafra Against Nigeria Politics Of Impunity.

The Video Every Nigerian (Biafrans - Oduduwa -Arewa) Must Watch.

Alleged DSS Attempt To Kill Sowore In Court & Orji Uzor Kalu Jail Term

This is Nigeria for You: A country where: Law makers are law breakers. Security Forces are Security Threats. Where the court is the last hope of every corrupt politician.

Impact Of Economic Wastage’s In Igbo Land – ECOSEA

If you think this is bad and should stop drop your comment and share.

How Men Victimize Women & Children After Divorce

#FamilyAffair #BVIChannel1 This video is a must watch by everyone in a relationship or Intending to enter into one.

Lasted Video!!! Something Dangerous Is About To Happen Aisha Buhari Warns

This is really Serious. This video is very important to everyone in Nigeria.

Nigeria Police Shot My Mother & Burnt Down My Village Bar Ejiofor

This is the full video of everything you need to know about what happened and how it happening.  

How Sars Killed Me & I Came Back To Life – IPOB Coordinator Speaks

Tears still rolling down my chick... As long as breath in still in me, I will continue to fight for freedom.

Horrible Things House Help Pass Through In Many Families Today

Join the campaign to stop this inhuman treatment on house help mostly underage children. Please share video after watching.

Internal & External Forces Stopping Igbos From Investing In Igboland

These are the reasons our Aku Luo Uno campaign is failing. It is time to start addressing these problems now before it is too late.

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