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Biawood: Exploitation (Queen & Maureen Episode 6)

This drama skit is a display of why Africa is economically backward. It is a conspiracy between White Imperialist government and African Leaders Mr. O.J Represents White Imperialist while Queen Represents Typical Foolish African Leaders. African Leaders...

Kaduna Dry Port: You Are Our Willing Slave (El Rufia – Rotimi Amaechi)

This video have exposed it all. This is how Northern Hausa Fulani see's Rotimi Amaechi & Co. So we have finally gotten to the stage where our so called political leaders are no longer ashamed of...

They Have Gathered To Either Kill Me Or Stop Me At All Cost

I am putting this video out for record Purpose. This video is not an accusation neither is it a cryout. But those behind it will be victims of their own mischiefs. You can dislike this video or...

National Disgrace: Buhari’s Response To Insecurity In Nigeria.

If after watching this and you are still proud to him your president, then you need mental check up.

Everthing Is Wrong With Nigeria.

If you think you have seen it all in Nigeria, watch this video. Drop your comment and please subscribe for more.

Biawood: White Lie (Queen & Maureen Episode 5)

The kind of lie that can turn a Slay Queen into a street fighter is typical of Nigeria. My rips are cracking with laughter, this girl will not kee me. Watch the video and please like...

How I sheltered Mandela – Mbazulike Amaechi

Xenophobia in South Africa & The Killing Of My Children. My People Don't Deserve Death in South Africa. The killing going on in South Africa is a lesson to my people, think home, invest in Igbo...

Clear Evidence That Government In Nigeria Is Parasite

The best definition to this video is to watch it till the end. You will stone your governors and political leaders or misleaders as the case apply here after watching this video. The same thing is...

Breaking News!!! Poverty/Greed For Money In Action (Naija For You)

Call your loved ones to confirm their safety. What else do you expect in a country worse than predectory animal jungle where there is no rules or sanity in the system. Nigeria is really a cursed...

Pandora Box: War Among Biafrans A Distraction From Pit Of Hell.

Who killed Prophet Nwaoko? Nnamdi Vs Asari... they said I must speak, Now here is my verdict.

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