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Stop Dating Mariied Men – Marry Them & Become 2nd Wife.

Her Advise To Single Ladies Has Generated Tension - Do You Agree With Her?

We Must Flush Out Politicians Like Okorocha To Get Biafra – Charly Boy

A must watch video... A serious warning to all corrupt politicians. Political sanitation activated in Igboland to get rid of corrupt politicians. Join This Revolution Now.

Don’t Provoke A Sleeping Leopard – IGBO’S In South Africa Mobilized

Watch this video and understand better. But to oppression, there is an appointed day to end it. What is happening in South Africa is exactly what we face here in Nigeria.

Two Immediate Threat Facing Igbo Land Today – Edochie & Mbazulike

They said it all & you will see it all from this video. BVI Channel 1 will go to any length to inform you better. Make sure every Igbo person see's this video, its more important.

Kind Of Revolution We Are Starting In Igboland – Rtd. Army Captain Speaks

The so called Igbo leaders are cowards. We need only fearless and people oriented leaders in Igboland.

Police Declares – It’s Now A Crime To Succeed In Nigeria As A Youth.

This is certainly the height of madness. If you are poor in Nigeria you are in trouble. If you manage to succeed, then you are in a big trouble. Fellow Nigerian youths, if your mumu never do...

Nigerian Police Officer Blast Buhari Government.

The worst has happened in Igboland!!! Coming from a top police officer, just know it is serious Simply watch this video, it is better to see and hear for yourself.

FBI List: Nigeria Political Class Are Worse Than Yahoo Boyz

Naija Politicians Worse Pass Yahoo & Drug Pushers Put Together. Na only person wey get better image dey cry say person dey spoil his image. Nigeria no get image, what we have here is monumental failure...

Emergency Igbo National Summit On Security & Defense Of Igboland.

This the full video of most important summit in Igboland. The first-ever IGBO NATIONAL SUMMIT was convened today, August 22nd 2019 by key frontline Igbo organizations and major stakeholders with representatives of her Neighbors in attendance...

Current Invasion Of Igboland Must Be Stopped Now – ADF President

When anyone tells you we don't have fearless elders in Igboland, show them this video. It is an act of cowards for South East governors to beg Buhari to help stop fulani herdsmen destroying our...

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