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Asuzu Chinedu Peters Buries Wife At Oko

  Condolence Messages Dear Comrade Chinedu Asuzu, Letter of Condolence It was with a great shock that we received the news of the painful exit of your dear Wife -Mrs Rose Asuzu (Nee Onuigwe) after a battle to...

African Leader Embarrassed Nigerian President Over Corruption

It is good they embarrassed him. Nigeria is a global disgrace to humanity. These things can only happen in Nigeria yet Mr. President is fighting corruption.

Fresh Evidence – Buhari Resignation Not Enough (He Should Be Jailed)

#NaWeBeGovernment #BVIChannel1 The call by Senator Abaribe for President Buhari to resign is gathering more dust than expected. Buahri & APC are already panicking This video has more than the news.... it is detailed.

SOWERE – Pleasing North Like Jonathan Wouldn’t Make Them Love You

#NaWeBeGovernment #BVIChannel1 This is what Nigeria has turned Nigerian into.... Hunger and Poverty have turned Nigerians to Zombies.

Biafra Untold Story – How Ojukwu Saved Lives Of 200 Nigerian Soldiers

Just don't miss from 4:00 mins of this video When I see this things, my respect and love for our fathers deepens. Share your thought on comment section.

Tanko – Hope Uzodinma & Fr Mbaka Panics As Court Documents Leaks

Listen and watch carefully as we expose the impunity and desperate attempt by Fulani controlled Supreme Court of Injustice led By Tanko Mohamed which the religious bigots tagged Prophesy by APC Spiritual spokesman Fr...

ADF Uniting Forces To Defend Igbo Biafra Land – Uwazurike Speaks

#BVIChannel1 ADF have proven that it is the only platform with the capacity to unite Igbo land and Biafra for common goal. Watch this video, its very important.

If Ndigbo Don’t Act Fast Our Children Will Spit On Our Graves – ADF

#BVIChannel1 This is an address and as well a warning!!! Every South Easterner must watch and share to others.

Only Fools Fight & Die For Politicians In Nigeria

#NaWeBeGovernment #BVIChannel1 When Kettle Call Pot Black... That is when you look & realize that both are black. Make Sure Every Nigerian See this video Nigerians who are victims of Nigerian are the ones fighting and killing themselves...

COWARDS!!! Charly Boy Blast Obiano & Other Igbo Governors.

#NaWeBeGovernment #BVIChannel1 In case you missed, you can watch it here now

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