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Conspiracy To Destroy Igboland Have Been Perfected.

You will weep for Ndigbo after watching this video.

VIDEO!!! The Chain Breakers In Igbo Land – {ADF Documentary}

This video is everything we are talking about.... Freedom Of Igbo land in it's wholistic form is not negotiable. Intro: Breaking The Chians of Captivity in doing business in South Eastern Nigeria had been a great task...

Nigeria Is On Fire & ADF Has Taken A Decision – WATCH-OUT

Nigeria is on fire & the survival of Igbo Nation, its civilization and culture is under serious threat. Fear elders of Igboland have gathered and have taken a decision on what best to do urgently.  

A.D.F 5th Anniversary:Taking Akuluo Uno To Another Level.

When next someone tells you that Igbos do not have enough land space for agriculture show them this video. When they argue that their investiment will not give them more money compared to Abuja &...

Gov Wike Blast Buhari As Fulani Herdsmen Expose Real Ruga Plan

If you missed every other video about this RUGA thing, make sure you don't miss this video. It is much more than how Governor Wike blasted Buhari RUGA plan. This video has opened up a can...

Heart Breaking Efforts Igbo Women Put To Produce Bitter Leaf.

This is the original source of best bitter leaf worldwide. What makes this place special is what you will find out from this video. Drop your comment, share and subscribe to our Channel.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! {RUGA} Igbo’s Are Chief Sponsors Of Meyitti Alla Fulani Herdsmen.

Before you start arguing, Watch this undisputable facts. As a matter of national importance to the survival of Igbo Nation & Biafra in Gneral, Boycutt eating Fulani Cows. Share this video after watching & don't forget to...

Nigerian Senator Caught Abusing 2 Girls In Abuja S.E.X Shop

This video is meant for public sensitization and awareness creation targeted at ending rascality and impunity by government officials or politicians. Drop your comment after watching and please share and like as well.

Breaking News!!! Nnamdi Kanu & Sowore Forms Alliance Against Nigeria Oppression

Buhari is in serious trouble, the end of Nigeria is in sight. The meeting of these two gladiators to form a united front against oppressive Nigerian State is a step towards the right direction. What do...

Latest!!! We Are All Victims Of Rape In Nigeria.

The truth have finally come to light, who really is the RAPIST & VICTIMS of RAPE. This news of COZA Pastor Raping his church member have really taken over the air waves as social media...

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