The Convener, Good Governance Ministry (GGM), the first political ministry in Nigeria , Mr Chinedu Asuzu, has declared that Biafra ideology is Good Governance ,freedom ,equity ,fairness and justice .Chinedu said that Biafra concert could be seen as a territory , as an ideology and as a people . He advised that people should not confuse themselves with these three categories of the concept of Biafra to address our misconception appropriately .

Asuzu, who made the call during an hour radio phone-in programme aired on Monday being 14th February ,2022 at Odenigbo 99.1 FM Obosi, frowned at pro biafra agitators who misunderstood the whole idea of Biafra and the processes to follow in order to achieve desired result.

” We are starting the discussion with Biafra as an idea. This is good governance, innovation ,creativity and modernization . The people that fought the civil war saw the Biafra ideas at work. There were able to refine crude oil to fuel their vehicles under war situation .They were able to develop their own technology to the surprise of the world . That idea of Biafra has kept many people addicted and waiting to see the actualization of Biafra nation . But ,we are in Biafraland and could provide that ideas of Biafra for ourselves – that is good governance. Our irreducible demand from Nigeria state is to restructure Nigeria into Regions for optimal allocation of our scarce resources. And to achieve the type of freedom we desire ,GGM is here to organise the people to vote into political positions the right people with a defined goals .Everybody should go and get voter cards now and be ready for voters revolutionary.

Asuzu said that Nigeria has failed in all ramifications to provide Good governance and social justice ,hence the agitations all over Nigeria. Chinedu encouraged all to embrace the ideas of Biafra which is good governance .Chinedu said that GGM has come to organise the ordinary people to ensure that they take ownership of Government. Many callers acknowledged the efforts of GGM and Chinedu Asuzu and pledged for their unalloyed supports towards ensuring that Good Governance reigns in our land.

Chinedu Asuzu advised all to support the efforts of GGM towards organising the ordinary people to make effective demand from those servants in Government. He encouraged all to be part of the people movement by registering via and or call
+234 806 098 2212

Source : BVI Channel 1 Online


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