We should begin to define what we want in 2021 in specific terms.

First let me clear the confusion surrounding the name ‘ Biafra’

Biafra is historical name. Millions died under the brand fighting for freedom and social justice. Those that killed the Biafran brand hate the name with passion and would be ready to kill anybody pushing for the rising sun. Unfortunately,those that fought against the rising sun are in Government of Nigeria starting from the president to the beneficiaries of the genocidal war. Many of our brothers in the villages are directly or indirectly benefitting from those who slaughtered millions to ensure that fraudulent one Nigeria is sustained. These people are our traditional rulers ,our president generals ,our stakeholders , political leaders etc. The generality of our people are poor with no access to credit facility. Our only strength is our diaspora brothers and sisters.

We are in a sorry situation .But because our case is divine,God will always show us way.

Biafra to us is an indigenous people living in former eastern Nigeria . It is not an organization. You cannot be a member of your nation . We are Biafrans by indigenous identity but Nigerians by citizenship. Nobody can proscribe Biafra- a people but an organization can be proscribed. Since we are Biafrans living in the former eastern Nigeria,we can decide to determine the kind of life we want to live including determining who governs us .

Therefore,in 2021 and going forward, we demand for a just ,free , equitable and fair society where all men are equal. That society could be within or outside Nigeria . The process has started by the demand for a people Constitution and young people being involved in Political decisions at all levels . With a new Administrator- Dr Joe Agbo piloting the affairs of Customary Government of IPOB in Nigeria ,Biafra struggle will now have a sense of direction with new vigor and determination.

BVI Channel 1 will always be there to quench your burning desire for local contents with respect to our people.

Welcome to 2021.

BVI Admin


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