Have you been wondering why ordinary folks seem to be less affected by covid 19?

Whenever my drivers, house helps and security come back from their leave at home, I always asked them the state of things in their villages. Up till today in the last 1year, none has come back with any news of deaths or serious illnesses requiring hospitalization in their homes or surroundings.

I visited the SABO market in Sagamu and the tomato market at toll gate in ogere. I questioned many traders if any stall or store owners have been missing, or did not come to the market or have actually died. Responses were always negative.

So clearly the prevalence of noticeable infection with covid 19 is less among the lower class and fatalities appear to be higher among the upper class. However, It is necessary to make some adjustment for the fact that deaths among the elite class readily get media attention than those of regular folks.

Melinda gates prediction failed woefully because there was no way she could have foreseen this demographic prevalence factor in the spread of covid19.

The overall infectivity and fatalities in Africa are disproportionately much lower than the rest of the World!!!


Simply put, the magic is SUNLIGHT.

People who are daily exposed to sunlight are able to convert some chemicals in their skins to vitamin D, especially D3. Scientists have incontrovertible evidence that Vitamin D seriously boosts human immunity and actually have the capacity to prevent respiratory and lung diseases.

In the case of Covid19, vitamin D3 can prevent infection in some people and in others who still get infected, it decreases the severity of the infection and recovery rate is far better.

Recently a petition signed by 120 physicians spread across the globe, (I have a copy) has been sent to world leaders and governments to treat vitamin D deficiency common in Europe and Americas, who have effective sunlight for just a few months in a year and hence have large numbers of the populace suffering from vitamins deficiency leading to high rates of susceptibility to covid19 infections and deaths.

Many of us elites in Africa are also vitamin D deficient and this makes us ready targets for covid19 infections also. This is because we are hardly in the sun all year round.

Yet a 30 mins lounge daily in the bright sunlight gives one about 20,000 IU of vitamin D in our blood. This figure is much much higher than our daily requirement of which is about 4000 IU of vitamin D.

This is why young people, students, hawkers, traders and many who toil daily under the Sun have a very high immunity against covid19.

So my dear elders, VIPs and Ogas please walk leisurely or lounge in the sun for 20 to 30 mins daily, and with your face masks always on public and observing normal covid protocols, with daily supplications to the Almighty, you will place a Ban on covid 19 from affecting you and your household.

God bless you all.

*Dr. Doyin Okupe*


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