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Home Business Breaking News!! BVI Channel 1 Launches  Community Project.

Breaking News!! BVI Channel 1 Launches  Community Project.


In line with BVI Channel 1 mission  statement to bridge the communication gap and give the ordinary and indigenous people a dependable and independent voice they deserve,BVI Channel 1 has taken her media operations to the rural areas.

The project will cover areas like decaying public infrastructure in various communities , schools,hospitals, local market,water supply , rural electrification,Rural roads network , erosion menace among others. We shall always report the true position of things in our land for possible interventions and resolutions.

This exercise is not targeted to any individual /group neither is the outcome meant to score any form of political goal.Our people deserve the best  and it is the intention of BVI Channel 1 to drive a revolutionary media services that would serve the interest of the majority of the oppressed people.

Finally,BVI Channel 1 Community Project does not have a commercial value but will be funded by the  people whose interest are being served.

Visit our website to make further enquires about us.

Ndubuisi is a Director in BVI Channel 1


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