This is to appreciate all our Subscribers and fans for their unalloyed and continuous supports including their prayers for the sustenance of BVI Channel 1 brand in this period of love and celebration of birth of Jesus Christ.

We wish to inform you that your online Tv Station has gotten the attention of our people globally.

In less than one month, we have recorded an unprecedented growth in the subscription rate ,placing BVI Channel 1 as one of the fastest trending Channels in YouTube google rating. Our average daily growth rate iro subscription has increased from 75 to 135 in the last 3 weeks, indicating market confidence and increasing public acceptance of BVI Channel 1 contents of good Governance, economic and political freedom as well as service to humanity.

The business implication of this positive growth trend is that more people would love to place their advert on BVI contents which will increase the demand for more quality contents.

To achieve success is one and to manage a success is another, however, BVI Channel 1 with a Team of dedicated,committed and ideologically driven Staffers will continue to be ethical and professional at all times in line with her core values of integrity, professionalism, client satisfaction and the voice of the voiceless.

We want to remind all our fans that BVI Channel 1 was created to promote the Biafra ideology of equity, fairness, freedom and justice.Our Team believes that the right for self determination is an inalienable rights for all people and that media is positioned to promote such right, hence the task before BVI Channel 1.

Being conscious of the task before us, we cannot go far on the ideological and revolutionary media coverage without your moral and financial supports.Our operational terrain is quite frustrating and as you may know, Nigeria Government has put measures in place to discourage investigative journalism as well as insistence on ethics. We, therefore, implore our dear Subscribers and fans to patronize our efforts through local advert or sponsoring of our numerous community media projects .

Finally, we want to reassure all of us here that we have taken decision to succeed and to be rated the best online TV in Africa. The spirit of Biafra lives in us.


Thank you.


BVI Channel 1 Admin




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