Most ‘big men’ have resorted to self help! Solar system or Generator set has become main sources of electricity supply at cut throat cost. Average people like us are being neglected and ignored . Yet ,nobody talks about the poor services rendered by electricity monopolist – EEDC ! Prof Soludo Government has always defended the state monopolist – EEDC. So sad that Solution Government has partnered with this EEDC to deliver ‘darkness’ to our dear people.

My brother family came back from Cameroon and for 3 days running ,there are total blackout from EEDC. On 20th December,EEDC marketers came to my house for revenue drive . There was light that day . Immediately after revenue drive ,light disappeared . In Cameroon where my brother came from , the children has never seen electricity blackout . Which kind of impression are we creating in the minds of these younger generations? That there is hope in our land ?

Yet ,nobody is sanctioned for service failures. If I call MTN service center number , my problem will be sorted out within few minutes. But , EEDC officials will be waiting for gratification before they could render services paid for ! This is failure of the Government!

Electricity is now on concurrent list ,meaning that the State can issue licences for power generation , transmission and distribution. State can set up State Electricity Regulatory agency ! The last time I raised the issue here , somebody reminded me that Solution Government has signed MOU with the EEDC and my position was clear then . Most people no longer bother themselves with public services . Most people have lost confidence in Government activities,hence personal efforts but Good Governance Ministry ( GGM) will always speak for public interest. Happy Sunday. Ndubuisi Anaenugwu GGM


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