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Biafrans Are Now Returning Back To Core Indigenous Worship

Uka Omanani is regaining pupolarity in Igboland. This video gives more insight of what traditional worship really means. Compare this Traditional worship with Christian worship and tell me if anything is wrong with any of...

My People Want Freedom & Not Restructuring – Bishop Onubogu Explodes

Real Igbo Elders and leaders have spoken and you can only find such men in ADF. In case you don't know him, he was the ADC to Biafran Leader Odumegwu Ojukwu during the Biafra war,...

VIDEO!!! Obiano In Serious Trouble Begs Ndi Anambra By Proxy For Forgiveness.

Even The Strong & Mighty Can Cry... The romance between Obiano and Buhari had gone soar befor bed time. The heat is on Anambra State governor and his bandwagon of APGA faithfuls. Anambra people and indeed...

{Latest Video} It Is Time To Unite For Final Showdown Asari Dokubo Pleads.

I think this video is most important thing we need to spread accross to all Biafrans. Those that will say no to this are true our enemies of progress and I believe every Biafran out...

APC Next Level? – This Is What It Means (Buhari &Tinubu Caught Red Handed).

In 2015 Buahri and his bandwagon of APC promised Nigerians CHANGE. Four years down the line, we saw what they meant by CHANGE. Now, they have promised Nigerians NEXT LEVEL, few days down the line...

Conspiracy To Destroy Igboland Have Been Perfected.

You will weep for Ndigbo after watching this video.

Dr Ikedife Signed Biafra Government Legal Documents 72 Hours Before His Death

Biafrans lost a father.... Igbo Nation lost a leader.... Dr. Dozie Ikedife is dead, he died on 11th December 2018, at his country home after a brief Old Age related illness. His body was committed to...

VIDEO!!! Nigeria At The Blink Of Collapse Peter Obi Crys Out

Peter Obi the former governor of Anambra State anf PDP Vice presidential candidate in his usual manner of taking Nigeria leaders to the cleaners has come up with an undisputable facts. The Nigerian so called...

Biafra Freedom: Igbo & Ijaw Nation Must Unite As One Force – ADF President...

Biafra Freedom: Our Position is that we must do everything neccessary within the law to secure the freedom of our people. In this video, Prof Uzodinma Nwala highlighted step by step what has been done,...

{VIDEO} This Evidence Against Gowon, Buhari & Obasanjo Will Breakup Nigeria.

War Crimes Suits: The Evidence Is Clear. Buhari - Gowon & Obasanjo in fresh trouble as case filed by a Biafran lawyer & Solicitor of England & Wales kicks off. International Court May decide this case...

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