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Coalition of Pro Biafra Groups Meets With Diaspora Leaders


The Coalition of pro Biafra groups, on Wednesday, met in Enugu State, with the prime minister of Biafra Government in Exile (BGIE) and some other Diaspora leaders of other pro-Biafra groups in Europe where they resolved to work together as one family fighting for one course of Biafra restoration.

Our Reporters gathered that groups had also resolved to move under a collegiate leadership with the spirit of oneness and brotherhood.

Mr. Uchenna Madu,One of the Leaders of the Coalition, who confirmed the meeting said that it lasted till early hours of Wednesday, with full of hope and confidence as the collegiate leadership of pro-Biafra coalitions groups at home and Diaspora deliberated extensively on the ideological approaches and differences on pursuit of Biafra restoration.

Madu said, “We later resolved to work together as comrades fighting for the same course”.

“The Diaspora leadership of pro Biafra coalitions groups and Biafra government in Exile (BGIE) hails the true reflection of unity, love and brotherhood exhibited by the members of coalition.

“They specifically commend the coalition on the successful Biafra day anniversary celebration.

“The prime Minister noted that this coalition of pro Biafra is one of  the best development in history of the current agitation for the restoration of Biafra.

“The details of other issues discussed which includes the conscious security of Biafra land, 2019 general election and international diplomatic contacts will not be exposed now”.

He said that the coalition met with the leadership of Ambazonia Republic from Southern Cameroon where it discussed bilateral relationship.

“The coalition meeting also entered into a handshake discourse with the representatives of the interim government of Southern Cameroon (Ambazonian Republic).

“We discussed on the processes of building a diplomatic and bilateral relationship that will enhance the interest of Biafra and Ambazonia (Southern Cameroon)”.

“The two emerging African States resolved to work together for a sustainable and effective diplomatic processes of achieving full sovereignty and total independence from Nigeria and Cameroon,” Madu stated.

Source : Sun


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