Every afternoon beside my office around Kwatta in Awka,tens of Okada Riders assemble to patronize Mama -Put Food Vendor. About 70% Customers of this road side food vendor come from Okada Riders.The reason is obvious; Okada Riders can easily make a thousand naira within few hours to go for N250 plate of fufu food.
We need to understand what powers the economy .It is the micro economic activities of business units that keep the circular flow of income ,consumption and expenditure afloat.
Effective this morning ,the policy on Okada ban within Awka and Onitsha will affect the purchasing powersk of many households.Not just among the Okada Riders but to that woman beside my office ,to the Ugu sellers inside eke Awka market,fish sellers etc
This policy tends to reduce accident causalities within these two cities as well as stopping street robbery ,however,government should have implemented a complementary policy before today to cushion the effect of a gap between demand and supply .Every economic policy comes with certain degree of pains but responsible government all over the world considers the welfare of the ordinary people before policy execution.
Gov Obiano Administration has announced a credit facility for 1000 shuttle buses as an alternate measure to cushion effect the ban will have on the Okada Riders.The problem with this laudable measure lies on the sincerity of the Government Agents in ensuring that the right thing is done.
Sadly,there is a wide communication gap between those in power and the poor masses.Ask your self,why should  people go into Okada riding business? Because Government has failed  to create investment friendly environment viz power and micro funding.With an increasing population, businesses and factories are shutting down because of frustrating and unfriendly operational business environment.
As an economist,I know that Anambra State Government will create another economic problems with dire consequences if prompt actions are not taken to narrow the gap that will surface because of the implementation of Okada ban within Awka and Onitsha.However,the gap will create other business opportunities which will be dissected in days to come.
Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an economist and a Director in BVIChannel 1


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