It is an abomination for managers of a company to take over the business from the owners, then tie up the owners as their captive slaves. But that is what has happened in Nigeria. Over the years, government who are just the managers, have seized power from the owners of the land, that is, the indigenous people. This has created a Nigeria that is the poverty capital of the world, that is retarding rather than developing, that has genocide and terrorism, and that is essentially a failed state. Things are so frightening and unsafe that recently the USA cautioned its citizens against travelling to Nigeria at all. Clearly, Nigeria is not being run for the benefit of its people.

Therefore, the indigenous ethnic nationalities of the Middle Belt and South (NINAS — *Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination*) came together and declared a Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) over a Sovereignty Dispute thus:

*A) When did we submit ourselves, our lands, and our assets into such a Union?*

*B) When did we make for ourselves the 1999 Constitution?*

Therefore, within 90 days starting from midnight of 16th December 2020, the date of Declaring the CFM, the Central Government of Nigeria is to action these 5 Demands:

*1.* Acknowledge declaration of a Constitutional Force Majeure by indigenous peoples of Middle Belt and South.

*2.* Throw away/decommission the repudiated 1999 Constitution.

*3.* Formally announce that general elections in 2023 under this repudiated 1999 Constitution are suspended (will not take place).

*4.* Formally invite people of South and Middle Belt to work out what a new Transitional Government will look like.

*5.* Formally begin a Transitioning Process under that Transitional Government, lasting a specific time period, when firstly the ethnic nationalities in their blocs will carry out their Regional Referendums. Then, from the results of that, negotiate the kind of future the peoples democratically want.

Government are the managers, the people are the owners. Therefore it is expected that government will know its place and action these 5 Demands, which are the wishes of the people. The concerned world is watching, and an orderly process is expected.



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