If Anambra State has a city masterplan ,the reality on ground has shown that such master plan has been greatly distorted and abused by both Government officials and property developers . Instances abound where structures were erected in drainage channels ,thereby obstructing the free flow of flood . An average Igbo man cherishes land asset and would do everything possible to acquire one as one of the measures of manhood is the number of land asset One possesses . There is nothing wrong with acquiring Land but everything is wrong when such land is located in a danger zone .

Sadly ,Government Officials who are paid to protect public interest have in most cases taken to the pursuit of personal interest leading to a societal failure . The resultant effect of such Government failure could be seen in the damages caused by the rampaging flooding around all the cities in Anambra State. Ekwulobia, Nnewi,Ihiala, Onitsha ,Awka etc are not left out in this mad drive to acquire property anywhere no matter the cost.

In Onitsha ,several houses have been marked for demolition to open up flood channels . Prof Soludo Administration has promised smart mega cities in Anambra State . To have a smart city ,the master plan must be restored. It is no longer news that what happened in Abuja under El Rufai will soon happen in Anambra state if we desire to live in a sane and serene environment. Just few days ago ,a friend drew my attention to rampaging flood at Ngozi housing estate phase 11 where his house was almost taken over by flood after a heavy rainfall. Previously ,the same flooding has attempted to sack former Deputy Governor from his residence in Ngozika Housing Estate prompting the former Governor to award contract for the expansion of the water channel but unfortunately property developers could not stick to ethical standard in erecting residential building(s),hence the situation became worst .

It is obvious that certain difficult decisions must be taken to build a liveable Anambra State. Prof Soludo has a task that must be done without fear or favour.


Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an economist and Deputy Leader of GGM


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