In a Facebook broadcast via Biafra Human Rights and Freedom Radio on 7/1/2022,Dr Okeadu announced that the group is sorry for deceiving Ndigbo that they were not Nigerians but Biafrans . He said that IPOB made a grievous mistake by advising Biafrans to reject and boycott Nigeria electoral process. He regretted that upon all their educational qualifications and having lived in developed countries ,Nnamdi KANU succeeded in misleading all of them to believe that Nigeria is a Zoo including believing that Buhari is dead . Dr Okeadu advised all Biafrans at home to stop being emotional in order to engage their brains in critical reasoning as ‘ndi Biafra’ .” How can Nnamdi KANU asked us not to recognise Nigeria State and at the same time asking us to contribute money for his legal defence in the same Nigeria court ,a country he rejected on internet radio!”

Dr Okeadu concluded that ”we are Biafrans by indigenous identities but still Nigerians as citizens and as a result ,should participate in all Nigeria activities including electoral process”.

This is the same ideology Chinedu Asuzu of BVI Channel 1 and Leader of Good Governance Ministry has been preaching for the past eight years .We do not need to fight anybody .We are already in our land .All we need is to build and develop our ancestral land.

Maureen Okafor writes for BVI Channel 1 online


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