GGM Backs Soludo Strict Enforcement Of Anti-Open Grazing

The Leader Of Good Governance Ministry,Chinedu Asuzu has thrown his weight behind Prof Soludo directive to Anambra State Menace Committee to strictly enforce Anti-Open Grazing effective this month . In a short message personally signed by GGM Leader and released to the press ,Comrade Chinedu said that Soludo is a 21 century Leader . The short message reads ” I am excited that Charlie Nwamgbafor has proven to be peoples’ Governor.He has made the entire Igbo Nation proud by ensuring that Open Grazing is stopped. Open Grazing belongs to 17th century and we are in 21st century. Globally, the practice is modern ranching which is to the advantage of herders ,farmers ,cattle and the host communities. In fact ,it is a win win situation. MACBAN Members are billionaires ,they should invest in cattle ranch and stop this entitlement mentality . There is an inherent cost to every business”

Comrade Chinedu Asuzu encouraged the entire south east Governors to borrow a leaf from Prof Soludo in enforcing anti open Grazing law to save and protect our farmlands.

Queen Madu writes for BVI Channel 1 Online


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