Good morning my people, this is RESTORATION TIME.

Theme: God is interested in Good Governance (2)
Text: Proverbs 29:2, Romans 13:1-7 & 1 Peter 2:13-14.

… The same can be said about some freedom fighters groups. Some will tell our people that Biafra will come on a particular date, many will totally concur and be excited. Note, most of the leaders of these groups are just opportunists and are only concerned of the money they are making from their blind and gullible followers than agitating for freedom.

The texts above is evident that God is interested in Good Governance and that is His program for us-His people. But God will not impose Good Governance on any people. We have to desire it, demand and work for it. Good governance will not come by mere wishes, it can’t come when our people sell their votes to the highest bidder before and during elections, it can’t come when 75% of us boycott elections, it can’t come when only those that are qualified to contest in election are moneybags/vote-merchants, it can’t come when we allow godfathers to impose a stooge on us, it can’t come when native slave-masters emerge as leaders and it can’t come when we always praise sing for whoever is in authority rather than hold them accountable.
God is not happy with our misery. He will always allow those we have chosen directly or indirectly to govern us. Now, the core issue is, whether we are ready to do the right thing and always make the right choice. If we can examine and follow the example of how Mbakwe/Okpara emerged as leaders, replicate the same process in Alaigbo, then I can assure you that good governance will return in Alaigbo.
Good Governance Ministry is working towards that direction as we continue with our mission to educate, preach, sensitize, re-orientate and mobilize our people to fix our politics. Ambassadors of Good Governance are increasing everyday, get involve as soon as possible as we continue to disseminate this message for our people’s political freedom.

Pastor GG, Chukwuemeka Chibuzor

DG- Good Governance Ministry


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