GGM is the first political ministry in Nigeria . This is an ideological political movement . The vision bearers are men of stable characters with proven integrity.

The idea of GGM is to provide a platform that will organise the ordinary people to play regional politics. GGM has a short term ,medium and long term plans. In short term ,the Ministry will identify like -minded people and support them to occupy the office of the Governors and the President. These are two important offices in Nigeria. We played a significant role in the election of Prof Soludo. We are in consultation with other like-minded Gubernatorial Aspirants in other States . We are in consultation with Presidential Aspirants. The Ministry in the short term will sustain the political education through strategic partnership with revolutionary media – BVI Channel 1.

Because we are playing ideological politics against money politics , our historical and noble works have not started attracting funding ,so people don’t take us serious ,hence poor funding and low fellowership but ideas rule the world .

In the medium term plan, the ministry will partner like-minded individuals and organizations to deepen the concept of ideological politics in our region .GGM will be a known brand at this stage. With the public acceptance of GGM ideological drive, the political movement will metamorphose into a political party in the long run ,say 5 years .At this State,GGM will start fielding her members into political positions to start implementing GGM Vision and Mission Statements.

To support this initiative , Good Governance Multipurpose Cooperative Society has been registered and being operated to take care of economic needs of members . The President of the Cooperative is an economist with many years of Banking experience . The Cooperative will intermediate between the deficit and surplus sectors of the economy . One key factor working in favour of GGM group is Passion .

People join successful group and GGM will be a brand for today and future.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


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