The attention of the NINAS Secretariat has been drawn to an article circulating on social media and titled: “Oduduwa Republic: 30 Questions that need Answers” written by two obviously fictitious and fictional characters “Comrade Aloba” and “Joseph Olusegun”.

The said article represents a very poor script in scaremongering and obfuscation by agents of a hopelessly distressed status quo who seek to throw in the SECESSION False Narrative into the ongoing Union Dispute and Dialogue in Nigeria amidst the SELF-DETERMINATION Questions raised by the Grave Constitutional Grievances of the Constituent Peoples of Nigeria especially in the South and Middle Belt Territories.

It will be recalled that only a few days ago, the NINAS Secretariat had cause to issue a Rejoinder against a similar attempt by Chief Duro Onabule to hang the “SECESSION” tag on the SELF-DETERMINATION initiative and push by the Yoruba.

The so-called “30 Questions” look a lot more stupid and self-defeating when juxtaposed with the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) Proclamation by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, NINAS which puts a lie to the “Yoruba Secession” False Narrative the fictitious authors so miserably tried to erect, as the rest of the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria are together with the Yoruba in the Self-Determination Quest from the stranglehold of Caliphate-Owned Unitary Union of Death Nigeria has become for its Constituent Peoples.

In the face of the year 2000 Secession of the Contiguous Sharia Territory of North from the Secular Union of Nigeria and the Total Repudiation of the Disputed Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution by the rest of Nigeria, the Decisive Joint Jail Break Designs unleashed by NINAS (South & MB) via the December 16, 2020 CFM Proclamation merely targets the Orderly Decommissioning and Dismantling of the Unworkable Unitary Union foisted on all by that Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution and cannot be described as SECESSION.

This Joint Multi-Regional CFM Action is the Carefully Designed Strategy Deployed by the Rest of Nigeria in the NINAS Alliance, to Extricate its Various Peoples from the Danger and Toxic Debilitations of Defunct Federation of Nigeria, and also to Distill Fresh Protocols amongst Willing, Compatible Contiguities, anchored on the Inalienable Self-Determination Rights of the Constituent Peoples of Distressed Nigeria.

By the foregoing, the desperation by agents of Caliphate Nigeria to label the ORDERLY Joint Quest for Self-Determination by the Trapped Constituent Components of Nigeria as “SECESSION” is a disingenuous, lazy and unintelligent attempt at constructing a containment Narrative to distort and possibly criminalize the Plain SELF-DETERMINATION initiative of the Peoples of Nigeria especially in the South and Middle-Belt, who Rejected Sharia and Unitarism.

*For the avoidance of doubt, the Simultaneous Adoption and Implementation of Sharia by 12 Contiguous States of the Caliphate North since year 2000, amounts to SECESSION from the Secular Union of Nigeria.*

Furthermore, the fact that the Houses of Assembly of those 12 CONTIGUOUS States SIMULTANEOUSLY Passed the Sharia Adoption Bills and the Governors of those States Signed same into Law and set up Sharia Enforcement Police (Hisbah), the rest of Nigeria under the aegis of the NINAS Alliance, recognize that Simultaneous Adoption of Sharia by those Contiguous States as the Exercise of the Right to Self-Determination by the Peoples of those 12 Contiguous States.

Faced by the Undisguised Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught by Heavily-Armed Fulani Militia Invaders, in circumstances that progressively point to collusion by the Fulani-Led Federal Government of Nigeria and its Security Forces, *the rest of Nigeria (NINAS Alliance Territory) therefore activated, IRREVERSIBLY, their own Right to Self-Determination via the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation* in which it gave the Federal of Nigeria a 90-Day Notice of Grave Constitutional Grievances and tabled a Five-Point Demand for Addressing the said Grave Constitutional Grievances. The 90-Days lapsed by midnight of March 16, 2021 and NINAS on March 17, 2021, announced the Next-Steps in the Joint Extrication Process beginning with a 30-Day Consultation Period with Elected Officials of the Alliance Territories, commencing from the Midnight of March 17, 2021.

Like the failed attempt to erect the FARMERS/HERDERS Clash False Narrative (or Banditry) to conceal the Self-Evident Fulani Conquest and Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria, *the current attempt to erect the False Narrative of SECESSION to criminalize the well structured SELF-DETERMINATION Campaign of the Peoples of Nigeria (especially in the NINAS Alliance), is dead on arrival and therefore will fail woefully.*

NINAS Secretariat calls the attention of the Media in Nigeria and various Stakeholders and Commentators, including the Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, to note that the dangerously charged situation of Nigeria has gone well past the threshold of peddling False Narratives instead of facing the grim realities of the moment.

NINAS Secretariat,
March 24, 2021.


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