On the 20th March, 2021 at DORA AKUNYILI WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CENTER , AWKA was like the day of PENTECOST, when holy spirit descended on the Apostles of Christ. The Apostles of Prof Cee Cee Soludo made up of twenty four(24) different support groups converged for prayers and unveiling of Soludo Banners under the Chairmanship of Hon Chief Ifeanyi Ibezim ( Ochiagha Idemmili), who presided the occasion in such a way that the reality of Soludo political structure was let loose to the people of Anambra and to Nigerians at large. He described the support groups as a solid political structure that will be difficult to submerge by whatever political heavy weights that come their way.

The Soludo support groups is championed by the able Hon Chinedu Nkemakonam Nwoye, popularly known as Glamour, who is the Chairman of All Soludo support groups (ASSG) and the Convener of Soludo support group( SSG), also the National Coordinator of SSG. Among the 24 support groups of Prof Cee Cee Soludo are; Soludo support group SSG, Soludo solution movement SSM, Youth Earnestly seek Soludo YESS, Anambra Demands Soludo ADS, Great Soludo Patriots GSP, Women initiatives for good governance WIGA, Soludo solidarity forum SSF, Soludo Pioneer SP, Soludo promoters forum SPF, Soludo Soludo 2021 SS2021, Soludo soludofied team SST, Yagaziere Soludo YS, Movement for good governance and conscience MGGC, Soludo for solution network SSN and host of others. Another Sister group United Anambra youth Assembly U-AYA and U-AWA powerfully led by Hon Chief Chinedu Obidigwe.

These groups have been clamoring for Prof Cee Cee Soludo to contest the Governorship of Anambra State since the year 2019. There is no political Ward in Anambra State that one or more of these groups is not found preaching about Prof Soludo to be the Governor of Anambra State. What an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of Nigeria politics. These groups measuring over one million in population have gone into the WILD of Anambra State seeing all the ‘ political birds’ hovering around with different feather colors. They have compared the birds and unequivocally decided to go for the EAGLE.

The Eagle in his very good sight has been soaring overhead for the past 2year doing what I can call ” political consultations”. On the 20th of March, 2021 the clamor from the different groups came to the reality as the chosen Eagle landed in the name of Prof Cee Cee Soludo (ODENIGBO GLOBAL). Prof Soludo in his humility of purpose told the Anambra people that gathered, saying, ” I am here to thank you all for spending your TREASURES, TIME and TALENTS on my behalf for past 2 years now pressuring me to run for Anambra State governorship election, I have accepted, and ready, please send me”. This orchestrated in the tune of the prayer point of one the 4 Priests of the day that said, ‘ Anambra people, search and send’. The masses of the state have searched and now sending Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo to be the Governor of Anambra State come 6th November, 2021. Remember the mouth of masses is the mouth of the gods, our people use to say. What is left now is for everyone of us in Anambra to join the moving train, SOLUDO SOLUTION and to make sure your vote counts.



By Dr Roy Chinweuba
( Ezedinma ‘n’ Abba) SSG Lagos chapter PRO/ MEDIA.


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