It is no longer news that the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria was done to satisfy the political and economic aspirations of British Government.From 1914 to date,we have been trying to experiment with a product imposed upon the indigenous people of the Land by Colonial Masters.Is it not about the time for us to champion the kind of Government that would suit the needs of our people instead of these confusions everywhere.

Let me refresh your memories with Lord Lugard opening speech -Jan 1,1914.

‘You are all aware that His Majesty’s Government ,after long and mature consideration,arrived some time ago at the conclusion that it would be to the great advantage of the contries known as Southern and Northern Nigeria that they should be amalgamated into one Government,conforming to one policy and mutually co-operating for the moral and material advancement of Nigeria as a whole.This policy has been strongly advocated by Sir William Macgregor as Governor of Lagos,by Sir Ralph Moor as High Commissioner of Southern Nigeria and by myself as High Commissioner of Northern Nigeria about ten years ago’

From the above declaration,one could confirm that the local people were not carried along before the Country Called Nigeria was established.Nigeria shall continue to serve the interest of foreigners against the local and indigenous people until we sit down for an open and honest discussion about the kind of future we want to build for our children generation.

Ndubuis writes for BVI Channel 1


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