Telling the world the truth why Biafra people and other Nigerians has lost faith In Nigeria.

People lose faith in the system that kills them rather than protect them.
Nigeria State has failed and Biafra people have lost faith in Nigeria.

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  1. As long as one Nigeria is concerned my friend there is no hope, there is no hope in the zoo called Nigeria let’s not continue fooling ourselves, in a country where one tribe image to be Superior to other tribes. There is no Hope in one Nigeria as long as Boko Haram menace is concerned, there is no hope in Nigeria when Boko Haram continued to introduce Sharia law in all the Northern State of Nigeria called the Zoo, there is no Hope when Fulani herdsmen are allowed to carry AK 47 all over Nigeria why the police man in street can not allowed to operate with that type of gun, there is no hope in the Zoo when all developmental apparatus are channel to only the northern part of the Zoo


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