Impeach Buhari, Chase him out of the Villa- Aisha Yesufu blast Senate

The co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG, Aisha Yesufu, has called on the National Assembly to Impeach the president that even the Northerners are tired of him.

The popular Nigerian activist made the call in reaction to the massive attack on travellers along the Abuja-Kaduna highway where a lot of persons were kidnapped by Bandits.

The National Assembly, what are you doing? What part of the Constitution have you not read on when you can impeach the president?

Impeach Buhari nothing is going to happen, even the people in the North are sick and tired of the president. Go down to the street and feel the pulse of the people about the president.

Buhari is there, watching while the people are being killed, all he does is to travel.

Nigerians are being killed, all he cares about is to carry soldiers to the Southeast. Nnamdi Kanu is his problem while his people are being killed and its non of his problems

Yesufu said the president have failed Nigerians and asked why President Mohammadu Buhari is still the president of Nigeria alleging that the president is “destroying the country for us, our children, grandchildren and our descendants and we are doing nothing about it.”

She also chided Northerners for their silence in the face of the insecurity and questioned why there’s no outrage from they like they do when there’s a national campaign like the #EndSARS protest.

Northern people where are you!! Life does no longer matter right? Where’s is the #SecureNorth?

“When it’s time to do a hash tag against EndSARS or any other person’s problems, you will come out and remember that the North isn’t secured. But when people are being killed, you won’t know that the North isn’t secured. It’s protest is Haram, all of a sudden northern lives no longer matters because a northern person is the president.”

Aisha maintained posited that “Buhari should be chased out of the Villa.”



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