Injustice Thrives Only When The Oppressed Do Nothing-Area Fada

Dear fellow frustrated Nigerian,

The recent happenings in Nigeria, both before, during and after last Saturday’s presidential and national assembly elections are no news anymore. They are our recent realities and we’re all very much abreast of them.

Well, throughout history, whenever injustice became Law, concerted resistance became a duty. Injustice can only rule forever when the oppressed keep quiet like “sheep being led to the slaughter”.

I still believe in Nigeria’s exceptional few, the youths in whose hands lie the salvation of this country. I will always be by your side to ginger and cheer you up and show you all how to step into your greatness. I may not be a witness to this New Nigeria, it may not happen in my life time, but I know the process has already begun. It is a movement of the people.

My fear is not death. It’s not the bullet that may silence me, because we were all born to die. In fact, I no send. My real fear is the inability of the suffering docile Nigerians to wake up from their slumber and fight for their rights, their future. Until we come to our senses, we are not going anywhere as a nation.

Therefore, please consider this my humble invitation to you to join our community on Facebook and participate in the conversation for delivering a better Nigeria in the nearest future. Join here

Indeed, for most Nigerians, this should be the saddest time in our history, but I know that it is always darkest before dawn. Lend your voice to the collective quest for good governance in Nigeria and invite your friends to join too.

I dey wait for you…

Charles E. Oputa
Convener, OurMumuDonDo Movement


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