Press Statement -OurMumuDondo Movement-


The OurMumuDonDo congratulates Nigerians on their determination to express their democratic rights to elect their leaders. Although the Nigerian state put every possible obstacle to frustrate these gallant Champions of democracy, they continued to be resilient.

We also salute such patriots like Deji Adeyanju and others who suffered grievous violations of their fundamental rights in order to secure our human rights.The INEC has declared President Muhammadu Buhari as re-elected in spite of several flaws and irregularities reported by credible election monitors and observers and acknowledged by INEC itself.

We want to call on Nigerians to remember that the formalities of elections do not guarantee good governance. We have to be vigilant to ensure that we don’t slip further down into more poverty and miseries as we celebrate the triumph of politics of money and manipulation. OurMumuDonDo as a non-partisan and youth-focused Organisation calls on all Nigerian youths to continue to press on towards freedom and prosperity. We have to raise the banner of citizen-contact as the framework for a government that will receive our support.

As President Buhari prepares to form a new government, we want to hope that he will start by obeying court orders and releasing political prisoners including ElZakzaky and Sambo Dasuki who the courts have ordered to be released on bail. President Buhari should show good faith by instructing his security chiefs, including the Inspector General of Police and the Director of Security Services to comply with the rule of law and desist from harassing activists.

We are very sad that the NIGERIAN state continues to kill innocent NIGERIAN citizens even when they are carrying out their civic duties. The violence in Okota, Lagos; Sabon Gari, Kano; Rivers and Bayelsa States should be thoroughly investigated and  those responsible duly punished. We will lead a movement to audit all electoral violence and ensure punishment for those responsible for the deaths of Nigerians.

To all NIGERIAN citizens, we remind you that it is not yet freedom day. Our struggle for freedom, justice and prosperity for all Nigerians begin today.

Charles E. Oputa
Convener, OurMumuDonDo Movement


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