The Vision-Bearer of the Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri has said that the struggle for Biafran freedom is not a do-or-die affair for his organization, but one that would gradually give birth to a nation within nations, and finally have emergence of a full the Republic of Biafra.

Emekesiri, who is the Chairman of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, the political arm of the struggle stated this while addressing the king and royalty of the Palace of Nkwesi ancient kingdom in Oguta Imo State.

He was speaking shortly after the arrival of Biafran leaders to Nkwe kingdom, Emekesiri whose entourage was warmly welcomed by the king, His Majesty, Eze Professor Amuzienwa Dele Odigbo.

The legal luminary and preacher argued in his speech that it has become very expedient for the world to know the clear difference between his political ideology and that of other groups in the struggle. He frowned at calls for disobedience of established authorities and existing laws, and said its necessary to work with these laws while fighting to correct its anomalies. His words:

“Britain is made up of four nations- England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. These are the nations that make up the Britain you hear about, four in one. We want it to start that way, firstly before full freedom, we will have Biafra, Arewa, Odudiwa, and others, so that every people can administer power and administruon to their people.

“After that, in the future, Biafrans and other indigenous peoples can then hold a referendum and decide whether they want to go into full independence or not. But this is going to be a gradual process, and each step will come before the other. Full freedom is not something you rush into, or there will be a lot of bloodshed.

“The method that MOBIN has adopted is for Biafrans to enter into full time politics, and take over the political control of the entire Biafrabland. The plan is for Biafrans to be the ones in charge as governors, house of assembly members, senators, and so on. Everyday, we hear complaints about bad leadership in Biafraland, but is it Hausa and Yoruba that’s in power here? Its Biafrans who are in power, but they are not Biafrans at heart. They are there as servants to outsiders, and for the greedy looting of our commonwealth.

“You would recall when a particular governor in Anambra State was kidnapped because he refused to share money. This is the kind of leadership that has been on in Biafra land. Our commonwealth are being shared by a few. So we want Biafrans to take power first in Bibfanland.

“We don’t solicit for bloodshed in this struggle. We don’t want efulefus in power anymore, we want to vote in real men and women with vision. We need to take control of power, and put smiles and joy in the lives of our people.

“We are in slavery. After the whites enslaved us, we are again in slavery, but in the hands of our own people.

“MOBIN has filed a memorandum in the Nigerian Senate, for Nigeria to be divided into 6. We are in court with the Federal Government, and this is the first time Biafra is suing Nigerian government.

“We work under the elders of Biafra. I have been talking on these matters, and His Majesty saw it in the news, and started looking for me. His Majesty will now be a part of the Council of Elders of the Indigenous People of Biafra. One thing is that, if an elder sees something while seated, a younger person may not see it, even if he is on the tree. Elders see far because they have experience, and we must work with the guidance of the elders. His Royal Majesty, Honourable Justice Eze Ozobu was the first chairman. Dr Dozie Ikedife was his deputy and Colonel Achuzie was his deputy.

“These were the elders who started the Council. The elders of Biafraland, the traditional rulers of Biafraland, most of them are aware of what is happening. But it happened that Nnamdi Kanu came out in such a way that he was able to do confuse a lot of people. Both the educated and uneducated people were also confused. The hunger for freedom has visited Biafrans and they would follow anyone who says he can bring it.

“We don’t want any more deceits in the struggle, and we know that we shall get it, because freedom is from God.

“We must rely on the power of the almighty God, not going into occultism to get what we want. There is no deliverance or freedom in occult powers.

In his response, Eze Odigbo expressed delight at the intricate plan of the CG-IPOB and promised to use his office in spreading the message.

He said “I am a Biafran, and my Ezes are Biafrans. I was in the Biafran army and retired as a general. The message that you people have brought today, I will make sure it goes round. I will see my governor, the executive governor of Imo State, and discuss it with him. I am in the government.

“I will ensure that the message goes round in a very strong way. God, Chineke Abiama will help us. Jehova told the Israelites that the will spend 40 days to get to the promised land, but you saw what happened, and they spent much longer, because of the love for martial things. That has been the issue with Biafra.

High point of the visit was the presentation of copies of CG-IPOB Biafran literature to the traditional ruler and some members of his cabinet.


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