“Some of us who knew the real modus operandi of IPOB are not shocked that the nefarious activities of the terrorist group have reached for the skies. Today, Asaba is in the news, for some parts of that part of Delta State has come under the influence of the once dreaded but now deflated unknown gunmen.”

“Anyone who wishes to know the extent of carnage and damage that has befallen the Igbo man should study the situation in Ariaria, Nnewi, and other markets in the East. Truth is, business has not just slowed down: business is almost gone. Yes, that is how bad things are. But that is not the only wing leaking. The leak is everywhere in Igbo land. Let me take you through others.”

“Morally speaking, the advent of Kanu’s private company has corroded the once glowing morality of the Igbo man. Youths have lost their moral compass, as they take it out on anyone who does not see things their way. The social media swells with youths who talk gibberish, abuse, and even curse others for not toeing the destructive path of Kanu’s private company. The Igbo man has lost his republican nature when it comes to matters concerning the school dropout called Kanu.”

“The youths in Igbo land may be apolitical in matters concerning registration of voters, but they certainly are ready to kill and lay down their lives for a man whose hold on them are the lies and deceits he dished out in front of a microphone situated in a small room. Horrible indeed! Wherever a scammer is treated as king is a lost kingdom. Is Alaigbo a lost kingdom? Wither the pride of the Igbo man! How did the superior culture and tradition of the Igbo vanish like methylated. spirit? What picture of Igbo land would the likes of Cyprian Ekwensi and Chinua Achebe paint with words, if they were alive to see this rot?”

“And where are the elders? Where are the members of Umunna, Ndiche, Ozo etc? Where are the titled men? What has happened to the red cap that used to sit on heads deserving reverence? Has the colour of the red cap worn? Where are the playgrounds and market squares we all read in Prof. Aniebo’s SHORT STORIES? The huts and barns for tubers of yam are fairytales today. The traditional Igbo handshake seems to have become the fingers on the trigger these days. It seems to be all about gun and bullet rain in Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Abia. What a shameful thing! How can elders and political leaders stand aside and watch their region cower to the dictates of criminals in the guise of freedom fighters? Shame on them all! Who farms in the East nowadays? Even traditional weddings are moved to other states because of Igbo armed criminals.”

“Fact is, I see no reason why any reasonable person should cast his vote for any contestant from the East. If Peter Obi’s much-talked-about brilliance has not facilitated the demise of arm struggle in Anambra – his own place – then he is a very bad product. Obi will become a hero as soon as he oversees the end of killings in Ihiala, Ekwulobia, Awka, and other flashpoints of violence in his state. No sensible man chases rat when his house is on fire. No way! Charity, as they always say, begins at home. Obi’s brilliance should elevate Alaigbo first. Yes, let such brilliance fix the heaps of dirts in Abia. I always see things differently.”

“The politicians and traditional leaders in Igbo have all failed. Some weeks ago, gunmen stopped INEC officials from carrying out voters’ registration exercise in Imo State. One of the officials was killed. So, I ask: is it the same Igbo who cannot protect INEC officials that want to be president of a Nigeria that is feeling the hit from bandits and Boko Haram? My goodness! IPOB along with its criminal wings (ESN and UGM) has become report card for Igbo aspirants. No Igbo man is qualified to govern Nigeria. Yes, that is the truth of the matter. Let the truth hurt us all. If you cannot govern five states, then even the demented know the result of its extrapolation.”

“The argument that an Igbo man in Aso Rock will end violence is fundamentally flawed. First, how will an Igbo man in Aso Rock end Boko Haram and banditry? Second, if none of the armed groups in Igbo land listens to any of the politician, then whether an Igbo man becomes president or not will mean little or nothing to the deplorable situation in the region. Again, the demand of those causing mayhem in Igbo land isn’t Aso Rock occupancy: they want the same Biafra Ojukwu apologised for. Why are people telling lies? The killers in Igbo land don’t believe in politics, and that is why no Igbo man should become president. They should go back home and do their job. Gov. Zulum of Borno has been battling with terrorists. I expect Igbo leaders to do same.”

“Did Peter Obi or any of the Igbo contestants speak against the brutal killing of the army officers by criminals in Orlu? So they all saw that gory and Gothic video of the beheading of the man and woman without saying a word? My eyes are already teary. I don’t want to mention other parts of that video. May God Almighty judge today’s Igbo leaders. No Igbo man or woman is qualified to gun for president until peace is restored in Igbo land.”

“I still bury my face in shame over the signs of emptiness Prof. Soludo has displayed since he was sworn in. Anambra State has moved from bad to worse under Soludo, and all the supposed egghead could do was run to Kanu for photos? Is someone still telling me that the Igbo man is wise? No, the Igbo man WAS wise. It is a matter of I GET AM BEFORE. Perhaps Soludo’s stint as CBN Governor was a fluke. Yes, I am beginning to think so. If Gov. Wike could crush criminals and bring crime to its all-time low in Rivers State, why can’t the likes of Soludo declare UGM and others in the bush terrorists and crush them? Gov. Hope Uzodimma seems to be a better governor than the hyped professor. And that is why Nigeria does not need an Obi: Nigeria needs a Wike. I only wished Wike had a national structure to win.”

“Those who used to jam their hands for the UGM are licking their wounds today. Give a criminal gun today and weep tomorrow. That is it! No Igbo leader is ripe for elective national portfolio. They have all failed! If no one says it the way it is, I will. I repeat: every Igbo leader has failed. When good leaders resurface in Igbo land, the need to reorient Igbo youths will become the priority of the Igbo man. Igbo youths have lost it. The mind that judges that terrorism should be allowed in Igbo land because there are terrorists in the North is a warped mind that needs redemption. Such are the kinds of incredible argument one sees from disoriented Igbo youths.”

“May Alaigbo resurrect from the ashes! Amen. You are free to hate he not stinging you with the truth. I am doing what your leaders have failed to do. Whether we agree or not, the fact remains that the activities of UGM and ESN in the East will continue to cause reprisal attacks in the North. As we already know, the Abuja incident is a fallout of what is happening in the East.”


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