It has become a public knowledge that the rich find pleasure in mocking the poor before their faces at every given opportunity – Azowue, O. E. (2023)

How can the poor breath when the means of production and distribution of wealth is solely controlled by the rich – Azowue, O. E. (2023)

In a society where the distribution of wealth is forbidden, the poor cannot afford to breath – Azowue, O. E. (2023)

When President Ahmed Bola Tinubu made the statement, “Let the Poor breath”, some blind followers, bootlickers and disproportionate thinking die-hard supporters of the president misinterpreted the statement to mean better governance that will prioritize the welfare and wellbeing of the Nigerian poor masses by the new administration, little did they understand that the days ahead will be wrapped in economic hardship, elitist-driven government policies, increase level of unemployment and inflation, among others. We are even made to understand that millions of the APC members are among the worst hit by the bad policies of the new administration. Unfortunately, it is too early for them to start complaining and crying!

How on earth can the poor breath when those who previously led the fight against the APC led government from the opposition political parties are today dinning and hobnobbing with the same government for their own selfish benefits? How can the poor breath when a certain former governor who had previously described the APC as a fourth stage cancer is today appointed as a minister-designate under the same APC led government? How can the poor breath when a certain former governor whose state was the most insecure in the country and is good at biting every finger that has ever fed him be appointed a minister-designate? How can the poor breath when a certain politician who claimed that he was too big to serve under anyone as a Vice Presidential Candidate be the same person lobbying for a ministerial seat today? How can the poor breath when an elected Senator has to resign his position to enable him serve as a minister in the country? I seriously doubt if poor Nigerians can ever breath under this unfortunate situation and hungry power mongers.

Are you a Nigerian, living in Nigeria, and you are poor, and something is telling you that the APC led federal government under the stronghold of Ahmed Bola Tinubu has assured you that you will breath better under his administration. You better wake up from such illusionary slumber and mirage because I don’t see anything good coming out of these present crop of political vampires. At least not with inflation in the country hitting two digits; Not with $1 exchanging for N850 in the parallel market in Nigeria; not with a certain non-state actor, who can best be described as an academic failure, regional militant and outlaw, who constantly speaks from both side of his mouth, having the temerity to display two sophisticated AK47 and AK49 rifles in the social media, threatening to deal with the people of the South-East, and even sell them into slavery if given the opportunity, yet no one has arrested him.

Can the poor actually breath when this same militant was captured and streamed live in the media returning back from what he claimed to be prayerful period, from Mecca-Saudi Arabia back to Nigeria, being surrounded by over 300 members of his militant group. He claimed to be working for the Bola Tinubu led administration, and threatened anyone who dares to oppose the administration with fire and brimstone. Less I forget to mention that each of his militant members were armed with sophisticated weapons, yet the security operatives have seen nothing wrong with such action that should have warranted his arrest and interrogation.

We cannot forget in a hurry that the same element visited President Bola Tinubu recently in Aso Rock, and after the visit he was granted permission to hold a press briefing while seating on the seat supposedly meant for the President alone with the Nigerian flag and Coat of arm rightly placed behind his seating position. And during his press briefing, he claimed that the military hierarchy was the brain behind the stealing of petroleum products in the Niger Delta region through the high sea. He also claimed to have been contracted by the Buhari led administration to protect the high ways between Abuja to Kaduna, a route notorious for arm robbery and kidnapping. And until this disclosure, Nigerians were never told of this unholy contract and assignment given to this regional militant warlord, in a country where its military power is regarded as the strongest in the African Continent. What a national disgrace!

How can the poor breath when the APC led administrations prefer to promote and entertain the services of non-state actors for duties that can best be handled by the security operatives if properly mobilized and their welfare adequately taken care of? How can the poor breath when the government has claimed that they can no longer fund education in the country thereby making education an exclusive reserve for the rich and the privileged few in the country. How can the poor breath when the government is gradually removing subsidy and funding of basic goods and services in the country, leading to the astronomical rise in the prices of basic goods and services, with no measure put in place to cushion the adverse economic effect on such policy on poor and average citizens of the country?

This insensitive government of Nigeria cannot continue to claim to be on a mission of allowing the poor to breath when almost all the policies it is presently putting in place are aimed at suffocating the breath of poor Nigerians; a government that claims to be anchored on rule of law when almost all its actions and deeds are against the principle of rule of law. A government that claims to protect the constitution of the country when two of its security agencies had to engage in public disgraceful fight on who should take into custody the suspended Governor of CBN, Godwin Emefiele. Poor Nigerians must begin to search for other means of obtaining their oxygen because the one prescribed and given by the present government is only out to suffocate and choke them to death.

Until then, there was indeed a country!

Azowue O. Emmanuel
(Pen of the gods)


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