Prof Soludo has given approval to seven real estate companies in Anambra for housing development but  I am yet to see Government public policy on housing . What I have seen over the years is where Government creates opportunities for few privileged, opportunistic and powerful individuals who will continue in their exploitative and primitive accumulation of wealth businesses. I rarely see social housing scheme that will meet the housing needs of civil servants ,the poor and other less privileged classes . There should be a deliberate plan to take care of the rich and poor. I am yet to see such policy .

Also ,I have not seen Government developing a reliable bio-data on housing to ascertain the ownership structures and the gaps . I know that the past Governments have failed on building the needed institutions but we believe that Soludo will develop the needed template for development to take off . We are watching.


Ndubuisi Anaenugwu , Ambassador,Good Governance Ministry (GGM)


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