In 2019 when I first met Prof. Soludo, I was opportune to hear firsthand some of his concepts to governance. In one of our meetings with him at his country home in Isuofia, Prof. expressed his desire for a LIVEABLE and Prosperous Homeland with LIVEABILITY being one of the key concerns.

He explained how Ndi Anambra and Igbos at large are an itinerant people who are scattered across the globe outside the homeland. He went further to express his desire to make Anambra the epicenter of Igbo excellence where Ndi Igbo the world over will find a city where they can relocate to and settle in. A city where they can find all the basic amenities obtainable anywhere they stayed around the world.

To show you how important it was to Gov. Soludo, the phrase “A Liveable and Prosperous City” made it to his manifesto title when he eventually entered the race for the Governor of Anambra State.

His manifesto was tagged “THE PEOPLES MANIFESTO – the roadmap for the actualization of a Liveable and Prosperous Smart Mega City.”

To actualize this, Soludo proposed a massive boost in the real estate sector; the establishment of housing estate projects done in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. These estates will be constructed to world-class standards such that anybody relocating from any part of the world, will find a living standard equatable to that of where they are leaving.

To Gov. Soludo, liveability is fundamental to what he seeks to achieve in his time as Governor. This is why yesterday heralded one of the major milestones of this Administration in achieving the desired goal.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Lands and the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency (ANSIPPA) officially handed over assigned sites to seven (7) real estate development firms.

These firms are saddled with the responsibility of creating unique residential and commercial properties within the Awka Capital Territory.

The selected real estate firms are:
CNN Urban Developers Limited, Rainbow Heritage Projects Service Limited, MIO Construction Company Nigeria Limited, Southern Matrix Project Limited, Treasure Garden Investment Limited, Periwinkle Residences Limited, and Romax Properties Limited.

For me, observing this major milestone in the actualization of a project I knew when it was at the ideation stage years ago, brings me so much joy.

Indeed Governor Soludo is working according to plan, with laser-cut precision and purpose. And like we’ve always said,


Ugochukwu Oputa
February 9, 2023


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