The Leader, Good Governance Ministry (GGM), a political interest group, Mr Chinedu Asuzu, has canvassed that the indigenous apprenticeship system of Ndigbo should be institutionalized throughout former eastern Nigeria .The system even without legal backing has assisted Ndigbo to remain competitive in Nigeria.

Asuzu, who made the call during an hour radio phone-in programme aired on Monday being 31st January ,2022 at Odenigbo 99.1 FM Obosi, argued that the system of apprenticeship must be upgraded to meet the expectations of 21st century.

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“Thank God that the incoming Governor of Anambra is an economist ,so he understands the indigenous economic model that has sustained the economy of alaigbo even when the monetary policies were against them. The apprenticeship system has made the son of nobody to become somebody in the society. This is a system that encourages hardworking ,humility ,service to God and humanity .A Master (Oga) brings a servant(boy) from poor background and trains him in a particular trading skill for an agreed number of years and thereafter the ‘Oga’ settles the Servant(boy) at the end of an agreed period with certain sum of money. What determines the success of the servant is hardworking and determination. The system does not allow or encourage favouritism ,nepotism or unproductivity as the case with Nigeria Government system. It is purely driven on the basis of incentive and sanction .This system has made it possible for Ndigbo to spread round the world and cannot be stopped by any Government policy. GGM is encouraging Prof Soludo Government to establish a government Agency that will ensure that the practice is made functional in line with ethical standard. In addition to apprenticeship system , skill/technology training schools should be modernized and encouraged as the current certificate based education is obsolete and outdated . Food production and animal husbandry training schools should be made to function in real sense .Farming and teaching jobs should be highly lucrative to attract the best hands ”

Asuzu said that top of what GGM expects Soludo to do is to sponsor executive bill to the State House Assembly on institutionalizing Apprenticeship System in Anambra State. Many other Callers stated other areas that they would want Prof Soludo to review urgently . Among them was a Pensioner who requested that Soludo government should pay pensioners their gratituity . Other Callers spoke strongly against touting in motor parks and markets as the major issue affecting the hardworking people of Anambra State and advised Soludo to urgently address that .

Chinedu Asuzu advised all to support the efforts of GGM towards organising the ordinary people to make effective demand from those servants in Government. He encouraged all to be part of the people movement by registering via and

Source : BVI Channel 1 Online


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