Few days ago,I sent out an article on the futility of relying on the present structure of Nigeria.It is my considered opinion that we are not making any progress as a people living in a forced marriage-like a Nation.

It is also my opinion that Nigeria is cursed by unknown gods.My reason being that anybody that goes into political power becomes confused.There are simple things that would have been done to create powerful institutions in Nigeria.Such institutions would have empowered the people to be productive but the gods are angry with Nigeria.
What should be done
There are millions of innocent souls crying for vengeance. There are hidden truth that the likes of Gowon,Obasanjo,Buhari,Babangida and the likes would not want the rest of Nigerians to know.It is not just the issue of Biafra.The ordinary man in the north is suffering and smiling so also the west and other indigenous people in Nigeria.
What to be done is for the indigenous people in Nigeria to come together for possible ways of appeasing the gods of the land.The aforementioned Nigeria Leaders are the cause of our problem and their hearts are hardened to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness.So ,do not expect any solution from them.
On professional note,no economy grows when cost of fund is above single digit and when commercial loan is not accessible to majority of the ordinary people.When the purchasing power of the ordinary people are low,factories find it difficult to sustain production because of low patronage even in the face of cheap foreign goods.Again,epileptic power supply in Nigeria has shut down thousands if not a million factories in Nigeria.Millions have been sent back to the already saturated labour market because of the powerful cabals in the energy sector.It takes a simple policy to liberalize the management of electricity sector in Nigeria but alas,the unknown gods have sworn that nothing good would come out of Nigeria until the needful is done.
As I write,mortuary homes are filled with dead bodies,hospitals /miracle centers are filled with sick and hopeless people while our political leaders open champaign and exotic wines with classical ladies and the Church Leaders ,as usual counsel us to wait for God’s time.
Happy Christmas in advance.



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