There is no better way to help sustain our struggle if not by helping the active freedom fighters financially. Many of our people are lamenting that there seems to be silence in the freedom struggle since after the disappearance of NK. They also claimed not to hear of the activities of CG-IPOB before NK. But they forgot that Radio Biafra/IPOB is being funded with hard currencies. This money was contributed by Biafrans desiring freedom.

If the CG-IPOB has $1m in its account, we will positively change the course of Biafran struggle in the right direction nonviolently. Therefore the appeal for fund from our Information Directorate is a call every sincere Biafran has to take heed of and comply with.

The CG-IPOB needs donation from goodhearted Biafrans to enable it engage the struggle legally, politically and diplomatically. There are some foreign missions we need to engage  in the coming months. There are series of foreign contacts we must establish in other to connect our Government to international forum.

Local activities here like strong media matters have to be activated. Please support our efforts for the interest of Biafra.

Great Biafrans! Great!

Engr Anthony Aniebue


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