The Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, AMEN, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, has said that the attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy was just the beginning of what will befall Nigeria if the regime of President, Major General Muhammad Buhari (retd.) did not change and God did not intervened in the current situation in the country.

Mbaka, while reiterated his calls for the release of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, said his detention would not stop agitation.
The cleric, who spoke Sunday during homily, lamented the level of insecurity in the country, while queried whether Nnamdi Kanu was responsible for the attack on Nigeria Defence Academy.

He warned that the attack on the NDA was still an elementary compared to what would happen if something drastic was not done urgently to avert it.

He stated “look at how our country is going. Instead of us looking for solution to our problem, we were busy going to destroy the solution God has given us. At this time we should encourage the charismatic renewal and whoever that can pray in the spirit, not to rest, not to sleep until the Lord redeem this country.

“Did you not heard that bandits entered into our most secured place in this country? Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), the impenetrable place in Nigeria and killed some Nigerian military officers.

“And people are still talking of father Mbaka and Adoration. And some Catholic are still attacking the worship of blessed sacrament through adoration – what are they going there to do? The country is sinking just as I told them last time.”

He added, “The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu will it solve any problem? Will it stop any agitation? Now the attack in the NDA is it Nnamdi Kanu now? Is it not better he is released.

“Since he is still under their custody and NDA could be perforated, violated and mesmerized what is the hope of this country if it can happen in Nigeria Defence Academy? Where else is safe?

“As I told you people last two months that what you are seeing is just the beginning of the trouble, that the main trouble is coming. This one that they did (NDA attack) is just the elementary part of it. The secondary part of it is still coming.

“Elijah started digging around the alter, he didn’t follow any method, God is not a Methodist. I am only asking God to intervene because what is happening in Afghanistan right now if God is not ready to help us, Nigeria situation will be worse in the future.

“You are free to attack Father Mbaka and criticize me, that one is your problem I am doing my prophetic work, and I don’t need apology or affirmation or support or approval from anybody apart from the Holy Spirit who sent me on this risky assignment. Even if I wants to stop it I can’t even stop it.”

He retorted, “If I ask you to release somebody and you don’t want to release, is why you should begin to attack me?

“As for, two people were arrested in the foreign countries, Sunday Igboho was arrested, Nnamdi Kanu was arrested, Sunday was held down there, Nnamdi Kanu was brought to Nigeria. Now let me ask you question, are you not imagining the velocity of what is going to happen in this country if the entire men of God, prophets of God – real prophets will not stand with Elijah to give assignments to the prophets of Baal, if the prophets of Baal did not experience the power of Elohim, if they didn’t experience the action of the Adonai they will kill Elijah; but they saw that there is God who resides on his altar.

“Look at it, during the Niger Delta attacks many of them were arrested and giving amnesty but the nature of the amnesty was that they were trained in several jobs and giving money. Federal government was giving them money which is so wonderful, God will bless them but then, none of them was put into the army. When the Boko Haram people were arrested, many of them were arrested and they were giving amnesty and put into Nigerian Army. They are in the army right now, the same Government that says she is fighting insecurity.

“How I wish that those who should encourage me should not join to attack me and allow the secret of what God has hidden in me to come out because the more they cow me down in the name of obey the church I will be silent. And if I will say anything that will save this country, and they force me to keep quiet, when the country will collapse the same people will not be saved.

“If they could enter into the NDA is it difficult for them to enter into the cathedrals? Is it difficult for them to enter into the Government Houses? Do you know what it means Nigeria Defence Academy? Father Mbaka is not a problem, Mbaka is a solution.”


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