CG-IPOB under the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of  Biafra can confirm that chief  Kalada Jene has the mandate of  Nnamdi Kanu to enter into discussion, negotiation and reach agreement  on his behalf and his group with Customary Government of IPOB and other pro – Biafra groups so long as such is for the interest of the Biafra people and in line with both local and international laws.
Chief Apostle Kalada Jene is the founder of Afra Descendants Movement (ADM) He is Ibani clan, Ijaw , Bonny kingdom of Rivers State. Chief Kalada Jene sued Federal Republic of Nigeria in suit no CA|A|139|2010 to establish his indigenous identity as a Biafran and to demand for his inalienable rights for self determination.
He is a core Biafran from Niger Delta Region and also a member of Supreme Council of Elders of the Indigenous people of  Biafra  representing Ijaw ethnic Nationality.
The Customary Government of IPOB wishes to reaffirm her resolve to pursue the restoration of  Biafra without breaking the laws of the land.
The Customary Government of IPOB which has been calling for release of  Nnamdi Kanu is glad to note that more respected individuals and groups are also joining in calling for his release and would be ready to work with anybody who has agreed to work under the due process of law in pursuit of Biafra restoreation’ 
Customary Government of IPOB is a de facto Government set by the Elders of the land to gather their Children under the Customary law even as Biafrans pursue for self determination while still living in Nigeria.
Ndubuisi Aaenugwu
Director- Directoate of Information,CG-IPOB


  1. That’s impressive, an appointment by Calada group for Nnamdi Kanu as a chief apostle of the group. unlike Saul=paul as a chief apostle of the Gentiles and Cephas=peter a chief apostle of the Jews


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