Press Statement

It has become necessary to respond to an online insinuation that the Customary Government of IPOB has abandoned the Biafra project for political project. This allegation is unfounded and smacks of total ignorance of the intrigues and intricacies that surround national liberation.

It is rather pathetic that social media has created an opportunity for freedom fighting neophytes to confuse our dear ‘ freedom hungry ‘ people. CG-IPOB can never be deterred non distracted by the actions of these irresponsible online contractors who have hijacked the Biafra or and Nnamdi Kanu brands for money making. For five years running even without public funding , the officials of CG-IPOB have held the Biafra ship via the rule law afloat, and steered the occupants towards the right direction. Even our worst enemies can attest to the fact that the officials of CG-IPOB are fanatical towards the Biafra project.

It is therefore, laughable to insinuate that CG-IPOB under the Leadership of the Supreme Council of Elders has jettison Biafra for politics.From the very beginning, CG-IPOB did not leave anybody in doubt of how and why Biafra must be achieved. Our adopted methodology is at the public domain including inside Aso Rock. As a reminder, our position even in federal high court, owerri has remained that we are Biafrans by indigenous identity but still Nigerians by citizenship. Citizenship can be negotiated but indigenous identity is permanent. It is also our position that we have inalienable rights to determine whether we want to be Nigeria citizen or Biafra citizen within or outside Nigeria. As a responsible people quite aware of our political and economic position (s) in Nigeria, we considered legal, diplomatic and political as most viable options to achieve our collective aspiration.CG-IPOB has just activated her political strategy via MOBIN to run simultaneously with legal and diplomatic methodologies. How would anybody see the activities of MOBIN as going against the Biafra restoration?

The CG-IPOB is not unaware of the activities of hired mercenaries to create confusion in the ranks and files of the Biafra family. We have remained committed and resolute towards our well articulated and designed roadmap to the promise land as well as pushing for a common front. CG-IPOB has an open mind with open door policy and that was what necessitated our visit to Kuje.We can authoritatively confirm to the public that Chief Apostle Kalada Jene(08105243130) from IJAW LAND has an open ended mandate to represent Nnamdi Kanu in any negotiation table. Kanu might have his personal reservation about certain issues but at the end, what is important is a uniting factor – Biafra. We respect his opinion, however the public should note that we were together from the beginning as seen in this recorded video https://youtu.be/0oFssrCbrYQ.

CG-IPOB shall continue to push for a common front to bring our people together but would not unite with those who lack common sense on how to handle a complicated situation.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
Director – Directorate of Information, CG-IPOB


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