Dear Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo,

I was always proud of you since I knew you as the CBN Governor. Infact, I got a job at Fidelity Bank due to your consolidation of the banks.

Coincidentally, Chief Willie Obiano was my ED, Executive Banking before he became the Executive Governor of Anambra State. I followed you afterwards and I read your commentaries on national and global issues. I remember your article on how African Governments can optimise their approach to save both the economy and health of Africans during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. I watched the Anambra Governorship debate because of you and was proud of your performance and was impressed with your firm rebuttals to Chief Andy Uba. I was happy that you won and became the Governor of your state. Again, Congratulations!

I watched your interview with Channels and I still sincerely think that Seun caught you off-guard. I recall that you kept insisting that you were there to defend your budget and would not want to be dragged into Peter Obi’s or any other candidate’s campaign.

My objective assessment was that that adjective “next to nothing” was not thoughtful and I felt it the moment you said. You were not sensitive to see Seun’s trap and you may need to reflect on the interview again as a teacher. Perhaps you were tired after the day’s hardwork. I don’t know.

My name is Chukwuma. I share the same name with you and I can call you Ogbom (my namesake). Our name means “God knows”. Shakespeare asked, “what’s in a name”? I have seen many Chukwumas and God appears to have always led them to a miraculous path. The same with you. Thus, a reason to be considerate and thoughtful because we rely on divine guidance.

I am an irreversible supporter of Peter Obi but I have decided to address you in a calm tone because I perceive that you are afraid of what Obidients would say to you. Hence, you intend to write Part 2 to keep joining issues with them. Ogbom that is not necessary, to be honest. Obidients are not just youths and illiterates. I have met Professors, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Traders, Farmers, intelligent Students, etc who are Obidients. The Obidient movement is a full house and there is no type and class of human beings you cannot find in it. I even whated a clip where Kegites were singing and enjoying life with Obidient songs. Obidients are not Social media bandits in anyway. They are pure creation of the Nigerian state and the ruling class like you. They are simply blocking-off APC and PDP from using it in the manner APC used it in 2015. Obidients appear to be ready to fight for every inch in the cyberspace and on ground. So, this should not be taken for granted as there is a correlation between Social media engagements and actual physical engagements. I think you should include this in your updated model for forecasting. Social media is a tool for social mobilisation and a potent technological tool that can sway elections as shown in African Countries that conducted elections recently, particularly in Kenya where Ruto won Kenyatta and Odinga put together.

You see, Peter Obi is blessed with rare grace. As a good Christian, I am sure that you know what grace means. Grace is divine. Grace is transcendental. Grace is incomprehensible. Peter Obi was not expecting this moment in the manner it came but I believe that he must have had the premonition. In fact, I have discovered the secret of his prudence and character in public office from the answer he provided in his Oxford University Interaction. He said that it would be shameful for him to be linked to public impropriety having passed through great institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, UNN, etc. I can relate with this because as unknown as I am, I noticed that I started weighing my public engagements after my Masters from University of Warwick, United Kingdom and my PhD from University of Manchester, United Kingdom. The fear of our actions creating negative publicity to institutions that we are affiliated with often inspire integrity and character in us. So, my assessment is that Peter Obi is a real deal and he means business and can cause a positive change in Nigeria as history indeed beckons on all Nigerians to rise above ethnic, religious or elitist considerations and be patriotic for once.

We cannot continue to hire the wrong people and return to church and mosques to pray for good governance. The theory of lid by John Maxwell states that a leader cannot lead beyond his/her capacity. I dare add that a Leader cannot realise a vision he/she cannot conceive. Peter Obi is a “Philosopher king” as imagined by Plato in the “Republic”. Peter Obi is in the class of Awoism and Zikism. There are philosophical underpinnings to Peter Obi’s ideas and that means that it can be replicated beyond him. I speak as an academic, a researcher and a university teacher.

You are well respected in Igboland but I would encourage you to seek the counsels of your friends and people like Chief Nnia Nwodo, Chief Osita Chidoka, Prof Obiozor, Lolo Bianca Ojokwu, etc on the Igbo questions. There is a clear difference between speaking as a politician from Igbo extraction and speaking to the interests of the Igbo nation. Your unwarranted attack on Peter Obi, who is trying to volunteer from the Igbo nation to participate in National politics, is why many youths believed in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu more than the politicians in South East. I am a Pro-Nigeria but I see what is happening in Igboland to my dissatisfaction. There is this false assumption in Nigeria that the best enemy of an Igboman is an Igboman; and that is what your narrative is promoting. How do you want Igbos to feel when you tell them that it is not their turn whilst the rest of Nigeria, starting from North to West to South, are saying that this is a golden moment for an Igbo presidency. I don’t understand you Prof. This is arguable but there are three persons that have been able to command the followership of the Igbos. First is Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Second is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Third is Peter Obi. Their circumstances were on different scales but Igbos have deep respect for them. Igbos are often republican in nature and they have independent mindedness as part of its culture. Yet, Peter Obi, being a man of humility and wisdom have refused to come close to be owned by the Igbos. This is making a lot of Igbo leaders uncomfortable because they would want to claim a role if Peter Obi emerges the President of Nigeria. Peter Obi knows that he must be a Nigerian President and his wide acceptance is quite remarkable! Of course, Peter Obi respects the Igbos just as he respects others and indeed everyone that comes his way.

Dear Professor Soludo, when I read your article, I suspected that you responded in anger because of the length of the article. For instance, I expected your article to update us on how much is “next to nothing” since that was the key issue. That piece was not as academic as your usual masterpieces. This one was a story that did not have head nor tail, and that is understandably what happens when thinkers respond with emotions instead of their rational mind. I read you and this was not you Prof? I did not believe it was you until I read it in National daily and watched its analysis on Arise and Channels. Ogbom, do not write Part 2. Even if per chance, which is becoming remote by the day, Peter Obi looses, that piece would not be the cause. You are a Professor not a fake Prophet or Prophet of doom. We know that Nigeria do not have the kind of data you based your questionable conclusions. Again, your conclusions do not tally with the current reality. Amazingly, you did not justify why APC or PDP candidates should win. Nigerians have suffered so much that telling them that their vote will not count is uncharitable. Ogbom, I know you are an elite who doesn’t know the level of hunger in the land. I would encourage you to avoid head-on collisions with supporters of Peter Obi.

Peter Obi has gathered all the rejected, dejected, neglected, ignored, subjugated people in the Nigerian society to his side and they are not playing hide and seek with anyone that appears to be dashing their hope. The best you can do is to allow the polls to decide during election rather than engaging in an attack at their only hope: they will attack you back and that is a huge distraction to a governor of a state. Anambra people did not elect you as the chief opposer of their son, your brother and friend. You don’t need that storm in a teacup.

In summary, please change your course ASAP. Change course because you are human and you can err. Peter Obi did not state false claims as he has repeated in the LBS chat. Leave Peter and campaign for APGA or PDP (if they will not see that as an anti-party activity). Please, retain your dignity and respect by not joining issues with the citizens who are legitimately disillusioned by where PDP and APC have taken them. I hope you will not merge APGA with PDP or APC? I have this concern.

I wish you well as the Governor of Anambra State. I wish the Nigerian state the best. I wish the citizens of Nigeria Peter Obi whom I am certain is the best at this time in Nigeria’s history.

Warm regards,

Dr Chukwuma Destiny Ogbonnaya
Manchester, United Kingdom


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