Soludo venomous rejoinder article in his renewed effort to drag Peter Obi to the mud is his lowest. His rejoinder did not come as a surprise to me because I knew his actions was deliberate from day one. After going through the sleezy write up, I can bet anyone that Soludo did not just write it as aftermath of his interview response backlash, he must have painstakingly spent several sleepless nights writing and editing that article weeks or even months ago waiting for when he thinks is the right time to descend low and insult our sensibilities.

Reading between the line, you will see undiluted bitterness, jealousy, hatred and palpitating fear from the darkest mind of the author. He said Obi saving money for Anambra state was a misnomer but turned around to praise himself for doing same for Nigeria as CBN governor. I am sure he still has more of such loquacious articles he has written and continuously editing as events unfold waiting for the current frenzy to simmer so he can unleash them as distractions to Obis supporters.

What people do not know is that he is not just displaying this ferocious animosity acting the spoiler because Obi is involved, he would have equally done the same to any other Igbo man. He never in his widest imagination thought that Obi would enjoy the level of support he is doing today in a party everybody thought was fringe including my self. In his black-market logic, he said he advised Obi to run under APGA but did not tell us he did so to set Obi up to be perceived as a tribal candidate knowing fully well that APGA has zero chance.

That graveyard advice is his grand design to ensure no Igbo man can smell Nigeria presidency before him. With the level of venom coming from him, I am beginning to agree with someone that said Soludo would rather prefer to loose his second term as governor of Anambra than see any Igbo man out shine him to become Nigerian president in his life time.

I am highly pained with his lack of restraint at thi point because I love him and do not want him to continue on the part to political perdition. He has a lot to offer to Ndi Igbo and Nigeria in general and should not wilfully truncate his dream.

He should join hand and support Obi then if it’s not devine that Obi will be there, he will have the moral ground to seek for our support when his time comes.

Chizoba Okafor writes from Canada


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