I am honored to write to you great people of Ambazonia and I want to reinforce that this letter is borne out of passion and from a lover of freedom. As a Biafran journalist; I have felt the impact of fighting for justice but above all, fighting against the rot in the struggle for freedom. Most people that present themselves as saviors and freedom fighters are sometimes gluttons and selfish individuals fighting for their pockets and fame. Ambazonians must be wary of this kind of people; we have them in Biafra and I can see them in Ambazonia, especially in the character of Dr. Cho Ayaba.

I write to you great people of Ambazonia because of the recent development- where a minor factional leader in the person of Dr. Cho Ayaba fraudulently termed an interest press conference a world press conference between Biafra and Ambazonia. The so-called world press conference finally took place in a local internet radio and facebook pages of a factional leader in Biafra who has proven to be the replica of Dr. Cho Ayaba in our own struggle. A premeditated quest for illegitimate mandate for their personal gain. Imagine Dr Cho Ayaba waking up and deciding who lives and who dies in Ambazonia. Accusing your field commanders of kidnapping and they get arrested by Biya’s government the following day- that is the monster you must stop on time.

I wish to explain to few or negligible supporters of Dr. Cho Ayaba that I have no problem whatsoever with him. I am a pan African and as much as I want Biafra to survive; I also want the best for Ambazonia. It is pertinent to know that we are stronger as ideological distant friends because our problems are different- a blind man doesn’t go to another blind man to lead him through. I simply see Dr. Cho Ayaba as a con artist who only wants to bring supreme grandstanding into Ambazonia struggle for freedom. Biafra is facing a peculiar problem in the very man trying to systematically impose ‘blind’ Dr. Cho Ayaba on great people of Ambazonia. You all need the be smart- this is a systematic neocolonial freedom fighting.

In my undisputed capacity as the leading Biafran journalist; I can authoritatively tell you that one Mr Nnamdi Kanu destroyed our struggle. He is a traitor who conspired with our oppressors to kick the can down the road while ranting on daily basis that he is fighting for freedom. A man that has nothing except words and one wonders where words have achieved a thing. Dr. Cho Ayaba is being strategically imposed to destroy the good works of Ambazonians. Patriots of Ambazonia should be wary of a man that woke up and claimed to be the leader of Ambazonia; desperately using media space to impose himself- a conspiracy with our own traitor.

Dr. Cho Ayaba should rather be fighting for a way to identify with all Ambazonian groups; but he jumped off, to meet his fellow betrayal and traitor. Cameroon wants to have him as a stooge; where he can start damage control measures or agitation in Ambazonia. If this man had good intention; he would have called all Ambazonian leaders and seek unity and in a case of world press conference, Ambazonian leaders would jointly partake of it. Dr. Cho Ayaba is fraudlently extending his potential business franchise; the traitor we have in Biafra has media space and Dr Cho and agents of the oppressors believe our own traitor can give him the needed lift- hence announcing him Ambazonian leader.

Great Ambazonians; you the people are taking the hit, the bullets and everything your oppressors brought upon you, while a traitor like Dr. Cho Ayaba is concered about seizing the opportunity to impose himself as a leader, just like Nnamdi Kanu imposed himself on Biafrans. Nnamdi Kanu is doing a nice work for Britain and France needs a replica in Ambazonia to derail the struggle for independence. A situation where Dr. Cho Ayaba can cowardly give patriots false hope and then start fund raising and politics to neutralize or de-radicalize you great fighters. Do not give him a chance; you all have to learn from our mistake. For more than 12years; every year in and out, our traitor is on his radio, ranting how Biafra will be restored today or we know God did not send him, ranting instead of keeping quiet and working. A leader is known by his hard work and not his ability to barking daily.

While many of you are fighting to see Ambazonia become a sovereign state; some are busy looking for a way to take advantage of the agitation and become famous/wealthy. Some have been bought and doing everything to restore the status quo for your oppressors. Why did Dr. Cho Ayaba selfishly meet Nnamdi Kanu for a clueless world press conference? To impose himself on you people, to be recognized or to raise a stooge amongst you? If you can attempt these questions; you will be able to know why Dr Cho Ayaba left his home and came here in the name of the leader of Ambazonia when nobody gave him a mandate.

Something is cooking and Ambazonians must stay awake to avoid the mistake Biafrans made. It is taking us unbelievable efforts to restore confidence and devise another way to continue on this journey of freedom- Because; ever since Nnamdi Kanu ushered in Biafra of lips; we have not made a step except realizing we have been practically moving backward but achieving everything with mouth- lies and propaganda- putting to an end a realistic agitation while we talk and talking until our deaths without offering nothing- in worst case scenario, fighting ourselves instead of the oppressors.



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